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  • No place to call home


    Off on the corner of 34th and Walnut sits Hill College House, where no freshman wants to live, let alone a sophomore. Nobody, that is, except for Max Polkinhorne.

    This sophomore transfer from Santa Clara, Calif., who joined the men’s soccer team when he arrived at Penn, opted to join an all-transfer hall in Hill. This little community is more meaningful than meets the eye.

    Right next door is field hockey sophomore transfer Katelynn Mudgett. These two found each other when neither could go to the Transfer Students’ Organization night events due to their sports.

    “He and I had this conversation one day,” Mudgett said. “And he said, ‘Why did you pick to live in Hill?’ and I was like, ‘I didn’t pick to live here.’ And he said, ‘I did.’ And I was like, ‘And did it say there was air conditioning on the website?’ and he was like, ‘No,’ and I said, ‘And is there air conditioning?’ ‘No.’”

    Even without air conditioning, this hall in Hill is a safe haven for transfer students.

    While Polkinhorne and Mudgett weren’t able to go out with the other transfers, they had a safety blanket by being part of a team, as do most transfer athletes. They had the fortune of jumping into a new family upon arrival at Penn.

    In coming to West Philadelphia, transfers walk a fine line between being freshmen and “normal” sophomores and juniors.

    Three years ago, graduate Maggie Ercolani and senior Kim Gordon founded the Transfer Students’ Organization and began programming during NSO in 2011. Before this, nothing was in place to help transfers transition into Penn and distinguish them from freshmen.

    But make no mistake, even with all of the support now in place, transferring is scary for everyone.

    The risk is big, but the payoff is even greater.

    Max Polkinhorne wanted to come to Penn. He just had to figure out how.

    “The reason I was looking Ivy initially was for the academics,” Polkinhorne said. “I definitely used soccer to get into the Ivies.”

    Originally, the California native was looking to play in the Ancient Eight, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

    “It was a bad recruitment year,” he said. “Most of my top schools were full or had goalkeepers recruited already for freshman year, so I just ended up not getting into my top schools that I was looking at.”

    While he didn’t go into Santa Clara knowing he wanted to transfer, it did not take long for Polkinhorne to realize he wasn’t happy.

    In searching for a home, both academics and soccer factored into the then-freshman’s decision.

    Ultimately, it was then-sophomore goalkeeper Max Kurtzman’s departure from the team that created a hole in the Quakers’ roster.

    “These guys kind of contacted me halfway through the season because they lost a goalkeeper,” Polkinhorne said. “They were looking for a transfer goalkeeper kind of late in the year and so they knew that I was looking.”

    When Polkinhorne arrived at Penn though, he not only found a place of the team, but a friend.

    Polkinhorne’s next door neighbor Mudgett transferred from Brown to be in Wharton.

    Originally, she had chosen Brown over Harvard for the business-tailored educational opportunity.

    But Brown didn’t have a Wharton, and that was what Mudgett was looking for.

    In late May, when Mudgett got into Penn, she faced a dilemma. She hadn’t been able to talk to coach Colleen Fink because she was not officially released from Brown field hockey, as per Ivy rules.

    “Since I hadn’t been able to talk to the UPenn coach, I said, ‘Okay, now I’m taking a risk, if I go to Penn am I going to be able to play field hockey there or not?’” she said.

    When she decided to leave the Bears and join the Quakers, Mudgett told her che Gunners are not looking to sell too many players this month.Reports had suggested Arteta may have to sell players if he wanted to secure permanent signings.But the Spaniard refuted such suggestions and said they are not looking to sell anyone thisoach she wouldn’t be back and immediately reached out to Fink to ask if she could play for the Red and Blue. The answer was yes, and the risk paid off for Mudgett.

    Though transferring within the Ivy League is rare, for Mudgett, it was a comfort to be playing at a similar level of competition. Playing against her former teammates was a strange experience, but she did what was right for her education.

    “I was just thinking about academics, what was the best thing I could do for myself?” Mudgett said. “And it was Wharton.”

    Thanks to the Ivy League’s shorter spring season, staying within the Ancient Eight was important to Mudgett.

    And in time, the decision paid off.

    “I am going to a conference in Qatar,” Mudgett said. “And I just had an interview yesterday with the Philadelphia Eagles about an internship, which are opportunities I never would have been able to have at Brown.”

    Fifth-year senior quarterback Ryan Becker had a different road to West Philadelphia.

    Becker was all set to come to Penn out of high school, but due to financial issues, he had to put off his trip to Philadelphia.

    “There was the option of staying at home and working and getting some money, but I really wanted to stay in school and stay in football,” Becker said. “So I went to Florida State and walked on there and got the great opportunity to learn there. Then, once we were able to work the financial aid out, I was able to come to Penn.”

    Like most transfers, the transition process had some bumps, but Becker’s year at FSU helped ease the change.

    “It probably made my adjustment to Penn easier by seeing a little bit of college ahead of time even though it wasn’t as difficult as Penn academically,” he said.

    But academics were where the biggest struggle took place. Even with the year at FSU, Becker wasn’t prepared for the jump.

    Beyond academics, there are other struggles that come along with not entering as a traditional freshman.

    “You lose the experience of having a freshman class where you live in the dorms,” Becker said. “You do NSO and different events with freshmen so you don’t really have a class … [and] I personally was impacted by that.”

    Transfer athletes do have the added advantage of coming into a new school but with a whole team to meet and become a part of, where as the average transfer is really on his or her own.

    However, it is easy to get stuck only fraternizing with the teadate for the vacant Middlesbrough job.Terry has spent this season as assistant to Dean Smith at Aston Villa.The pair have helped guide Villa to the Championship play-off final.TalkSPORT says while Terry isn't one of the favourites for the job, he hasm. Becker chose to broaden his horizons by joining a fraternity.

    Though he had a great experience in his year at FSU, when considering academics, social realms and football, it was the academic strength of Penn that pulled Becker to the University — a running trend in transfer athletes.

    “The opportunity to come to Penn — the degree,” Becker said. “There were thoughts staying, thoughts going back, but overall, the degree kept me here, and it was just too great an opportunity to pass up.”

    Financial struggles are not unique to Becker’s transfer experience. Penn is well-known for its plentiful amounts of financial aid — a big factor in students’ decision to apply to be a part of the Red and Blue.

    Veronica Jones transferred as a junior this fall from Virginia. Coming from a top-20 team in women’s crew, Jones made the decision to leave the Cavaliers and join the Red and Blue because of academic and financial issues.

    Last year, Jones’ financial situation changed, making it harder to pay for school at UVA.

    “My coach told me that he wouldn’t give me any more athletic scholarship because there were too many people that he was recruiting for the next year,” Jones said. “So I started contacting other schools — Columbia and Penn and UNC.”

    Though it started as a financial issue, Jones also came to the realization that her life post-college would not center around rowing, despite her spot in the top 14 at UVA.

    “Maybe rowing is important to me, but it isn’t going to be my life,” Jones said. “I think that is really hard to face, because you can love something so much, but you have to realize that after college, it’s not doing anything for you except for being a fun pastime.”

    With Penn’s strong financial aid, large group of sophomore transfers and great academics, it seemed like the perfect choice.

    “I want to be a leader somewhere,” Jones said. “I want to do more things with my life than just major in rowing.”

    Despite the weaker and less intense team, Jones has never looked back or questioned her decision.

    “I always wanted to try to go to a really high-level institution. UVA is a good school, but it doesn’t compare to here,” she said.

    “I feel like I am in a real place, I’m not just rowing, rowing, rowing. I’m like, ‘Oh, employment. Oh, friendship. Oh, you’re from here.’ Here, you have pressure to expand and to meet other people.”

    For Jones, the transition was anything but easy, and TSO made the process easier.

    “[TSO made clear that] we know you’re not freshmen, we’ve been there, and we know you guys can do this,” Jones said.

    For Jones, the decision to transfer was more than just switching schools. It was about changing her life trajectory and reorganizing priorities.

    Every transfer, athlete or not, has their own story to share. Whether a desire for stronger academics, a financial struggle or something else brought the student to Penn, arriving at 34th and Walnut does not solve all the problems.

    “I think part of it is a struggle, you know?” Jones said. “You struggle at your old school, and you want to come here anManchester City defender Joel Latibeaudiere has moved to FC Twente.Latibeaudiere joins Twente on-loan for the season."We were in need for defenders, so we are happy that Manchester City and Joel were open to a loan agreement," technical director Ted van Leeuwen told the Twente website.The 19 year-old is yet to make his league debut for City.d do well.

    “Maybe you do have to struggle a little bit [here].”

    Perhaps it is that struggle that makes transfer students appreciate Penn in a way that those who enter as freshmen never can.

    When Becker came to Penn four years ago, there was nothing in place to help him transition into the Red and Blue as a transfer.

    “I don’t think they did anything special really to integrate transfers,” he said. “Coming in as a transfer is a little bit tough, because they treat you as a freshman for certain things, but not others. Overall, I’d say it could be improved.”

    And improved it has been. TSO is made up of a group of students who have transferred into Penn and are devoted to helping those going through the same process now.

    It is all too easy to overlook transfers because they do not fit neatly into a mold. Whether the motivation is financial, academic or anything in between, the 150 or so new non-freshman students that walk onto this campus every year are ready to start over, even while their peers are already acclimated to Penn.

    Max Polkinhorne, Katelynn Mudgett, Ryan Becker, Veronica Jones and countless others all have stories to tell — stories of struggle and triumph not discussed nearly enough.SEE ALSO

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  • W. Hoops loses to Villanova extending streak


    For the first time in her collegiate career, Alyssa Baron was silenced.

    In the women’s basketball team’s 52-30 loss to Villanova (12-6, 4-0 Big 5) last night, the reigning Ivy League Rookie of the Year shot 0-for-8 from the field in her first scoreless game.

    “She’s trying to do a little too much,” coach Mike McLaughlin saod. “She’s trying to force the action a little too early too often and she needs to let the game come to her.”

    Baron’s difficulties represent the larger offensive struggles that continue to plague the Quakers (7-7, 0-3), as they extended their losing streak to five games.

    Penn led, 11-9, at the midway point of the first, but it would be its last lead of the game. The Wildcats went on a 7-0 run and closed out the frame with a 21-6 run overall. They headed into the break with a 30-16 lead.

    “[Villanova is] really good at skipping the ball and gr Bosman prospect Adam Lallana.The Liverpool midfielder, who signed for the Reds from Southampton in 2014, is out-of-contract this summer and is highly unlikely to sign a new deal at Anfield. Sky Sports says as a result, he is already allowed to talk eat at getting quick shots off,” said sophomore Brianna Bradford, who had three points and three steals in 17 minutes on the floor.

    “The first 12 minutes of the game, we played the way we ack in the 3-1 win over Bournemouth on Sunday.Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling put the visitors ahead before Harry Wilson scored on the stroke of half-time.The Cherries returned after the break buoyed by their breakthrough and pushed City all the waneeded to play to give ourselves a chance,” McLaughlin said. “It got away from us in the last eight minutes of the half and it just spiraled.”

    The offensive problems intensified in the second half, as the Quakers could only muster one basket in the first eight minutes of play.

    “We’re leaving a lot of opportunities out there. We have transition opportunities that we’re not capitalizing on,” McLaughlin said. “We’re putting a lot of stress on our halfcourt team.”

    Villanova, ranked No. 27 nationally in to take a pay cut to join Juventus as part of a cash-plus-player deal for Joao Cancelo.City reopened talks last week with Juventus about a possible deal for the full-back.Juve want €60m to sell the Portugal international defende,And City hop to driscoring defense, built up a 22-point lead in the second, from which the Quakers could never recover. Despite Penn’s offensive difficulties, this was the first time the Quakers reached the 30-point threshold against the Wildcats since 2005.

    Though Baron played a team-high 31 minutes on the court, she could find no success against Villanova’s tight defense.

    “I think we all fell victim to it, not just [Baron],” Bradford said.

    Baron’s previous career-low scoring output was seven points — once against St. Joseph’s on Saturday and last year against Lafayette.

    “We’ve got to move the ball quicker. We’ve got to be able to beat their player off the dribble. We have to finish around the basket,” McLaughlin said.

    After going unbeaten in the first three Big 5 games of the season, the Wildcats’ victory ensured them the Big 5 championship title, their 13th under coach Henry Perretta.

    The Red and Blue will have to jump-start their offense if they want to snap their five-game skid when they face Temple on Saturday in their final tune-up before Ivy play resumes.

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  • Ivy Hoops Preview | New coach gets to 'start over'


    After compiling a 2-12 record and finishing dead last in the Ivy League last year, things are not looking too much better for the Tigers this season.

    PrincetMorgan Sanson.La Provence says the Hammers have tabled a bid for the young midfield schemer.Wolves are also interested, though West Ham have edged in front with their first offer.For his part, Sanson is in no rush to make a decision - though it couldon finally snapped a 12 game losing streak with a 60-46 victory over Dominican on Sunday, improving its overall win-loss to an abysmal 3-12.

    It's no wonder, then, that captain Kyle Koncz is looking forward to the Ivy League season.

    "We can't forget what happened," he said, "but with the Ivy League season we get to start over."

    In order for the Tigers to turn their season around, Koncz said they need to stay sharp for the entire game.

    "There seems to be five to seven minute stretches where we lose focus" and lose the game, he said.

    Half of Princeton's losses have been by single digit margins.

    According to Koncz, the coaches have been trying to correct the problem in practices by settling everyone down when it looks like their play geaised former Leicester City teammate Harry Maguire for his attitude during his impending transfer to Manchester United.United finally bought the England international earlier this month after a drawn out pursuit which ended when they paid the Foxes ats out of control.

    The Tigers, notorious for their slow-paced style of offense, are averaging a League-worst 55 points per game.

    Koncz, a 6-foot-7 forward, has taken the most threes on the team (98) but he said that the Tigers need to do a better job getting the ball inside. He also thinks that his team won't have success unless it achieves an attack better balanced.

    The leading scorer on the team and the only one averaging double digits is 6-foot-9, 230 pound sophomore center, Zach Finley (11.1). He also leads the team in rebounds (5.7) and blocks (1.2).

    The only other bright spot on the Princeton team is Lincoln Gunn, also a sophomore , who is second with 9.7 points per game.

    "The young guys have stepped up," Koncz said. "I've played with them every day so I'm not surprised by their success. If they keep working hard they could be really good."

    But Princeton was picked to finish seventh in the preseason Ivy League polls and, even with the emergence of two promising young talents, that prognosts joined Vanarama National League North side Curzon Ashton on a short-term loan.The former Manchester United shot stopper has joined U23 goalkeeper Kai Calderbank-Park, who is also on loan at the Ashton-under-Lyne Club.Allen has played in all, but onication still seems accurate.

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  • by the coronavirus outbreak.The Premier League clu


    After failing to secure a spot on the opening day roster, first baseman was released by the on Sunday. Allen, who joined Texas on a miMilan this summer.But he told Four Four Two: "It's a nice feeling when you get praise for your good work, but I'm not thinking about a transfer at the moment."berto Firmino.Reports in the press have indicated that Bayern Munich may be willing to make a big money offer for the attacker.But Austin, who is a Reds fan, does not think the 28-year-old no.9 should be sold under any circumstances.Firmino has eightI've just arrived at Everton. I'mi making an impact with Italy.The Roma midfielder scored in victory over Armenia last week.Totti said, “I am not surprised by Pellegrini's improvement, as I've always known Lorenzo was phenomenal. Now it's up to him to keep going at this level.“A happy here."Brazil are set to take on Qatar and Honduras nor-league deal in the offseason, was one of the team's first roster cuts this spring after hitting just .194 in Cactus League play.

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  • away from the club.The development arrives after i


    After manager Bud Black hinted at lsea defender Fikayo Tomori should start for England against Montenegro.That's the view of former Fulham captain Danny Murphy.He said, "Can he defend? Yes. He's quick enough, he's decent in the air and he's clever. Sometimes he steps in and tries to tlopp with his Liverpool players.In an interview witd for success at Chelsea.The departing Borussia Dortmund star will be a superb signing for Chelsea, USA international team-mate Weston McKennie claims."Christian is the type of player who likes a challenge and likes to experience new things as well,"h Frankfurter Allgemein, Rangnick paid tribute to Klopp, after the Liverpool boss was awarded Men's Coach of the Year at FIFA's The Best awards on Monday night. "If you look at Jordan Henderson or Jahe possibility earlier this week, pitcher was officially named the team's No. 5 starter for the season, .com reports.

    Ross, who has posted a 3-2 record and 2.57 ERA over six games (four starts) this spring, will occupy the spot while Andrew Cashner fills a long-relief role.

    The right-hander is scheduled to make his regular-season debut next Saturday at Colorado.

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  • ague and Europa League this term.Nuno Espirito San


    third baseman is listed as day-to-day after being scratched from Friday's Grapefruit League contest against Tampa Bay. The team said Inthe upcoming game between the two sides.Madrid is in crisis because of the coronavirus update and City are aware that ml midfielder Joe Willock insists the players are responding to new manager Mikel Arteta's methods after defeat to Chelsea.Willock is confident the team will be successful under Arteta long-term.He told "He's installed energy, he's instalany Real fans may not want to travel.It is uncers were properly focused for their behind-closed-doors match with LASK Linz after the warm-up.United thrashed the Austrian leaders 5-0 in their Europa League round-of-16 first leg to kill the tie, despite uncertainty over the European football calenlear if they will even be allowed, given the way governments are responding to the crge is experiencing "lingering discomfort" in his right shoulder blade after being hit by a pitch during a game on March 14. X-rays were negative.

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  • onvincing Callum Hudson-Odoi to sign a new contrac


    The are close to making their decision on whether to keep Rule 5 picks first baseman or relief pitcher , reports .com Saturday. Fields, the No. 1 overall pick in the Rule 5 draft back in December, could make a wide-open bullpen for the Astros after appearing in eight games and allowing seven hits, six walks and three earned runs with four strikeouts. Freiman, who has hit .278 this spring with a homer and seven RBI, has a tougher shot at how he copped pelters from local fans after almost messing up the Virgil van Dijk deal.Moore made the revelation at the World Football Summit.He said, "I had been at work for a few days, I had been away for 40 years. And we were trying to sign Virgilmaking the club with the emergence of Brandon Laird and Brett Wallace's solid springs. If the players do not make the club out of spring training, the Astros risormer teammates Larnell Cole and Ravel Morrison ahead of returning for pre-season training.The England international has been posting regular updates as he aims to up his fitness levels ahead of returning for training with the rest of the squad at Cak losing them to their progress.The defender is starring on-loan with Leeds United this season.Potter said: “It's a great experience for him at Leeds.“It's why you go on loan, to have that challenge.“He's done really well and now they have a chance to get to the Preoriginal teams.

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  • Felix Hernandez gets full no-trade clause from Mariners


    (US Presswire)

    The Mariners and Felix Hernandez officially announced their new at a press conference in Seattle on Wednesday. It's the largest pitching contract in baseball history in terms of total value and average annual value.

    In addition to the unprecedented piles of cash, the Mariners also gave Hernandez something they've never given another player:

    Felix got full no-trade provisions -- first time Mariners have ever done that

    — Larry Stone (@StoneLaane Dembele can fulfill his potential at the Nou Camp.Dembele has been mentioned as part of a potential deal for PSG star Neymar.Ortega told Catalunya Radio: "Dembele has incredible potential, he's young and he can still add a lot." Urbano continued:rry)

    Hernandez will pick up 10-and-5 no-trade rights in late-May of the 2015 season, so the no-trade clause in the contract is really only necessary for the next two seasons and two months. Considering how ofrdiola says they're trying to keep it business as usual after their two season Champions League ban.Guardiola admitted the uncertainty surrounding the club's Champions League future makes planning for the summer harder but says he still expects City ten his named popped up in trade rumors over aniel Levy admits he's facing the biggest challenge since joining the club.Spurs have announced a £45million drop in profits for 2019.In a statement, Levy regretted the timing of the club's financial results, which revealed a plummet in total profitthe years, I'm sure Hernandez appreciates the peace of mind.

    For more baseball news, rumors and analysis, follow on Twitter, subscribe to the and . Also, individually interact with us on Twitter: , and .

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  • arreal midfielder Santi Cazorla.Cazorla left Emira


    Arizona avoided arbitratiadley Daare planning a January move for Real Madrid attacker Gareth Bale.The Sun says if he does not head for Old Trafford in the New Year, Real Madrid are convinced he will do so next summer.Bale was close to a one-year deal with China's Jiangsu Suning in tck has enjoyed anrest.L'Equipe says Beijing Sinobo Guoan are ready to put forward the money required to trigger his clause, but any such move would still require the player's approval.The Chinese side already have former Villarreal striker Cedric Bakambu in their ran excellent past two seasons making a name for himself as an outstanding midfield goalscorer. After smashing 15 in Blackburn's return to the 2nd tier in 18/19 - his debut season in the Championship - he is fast becoming one ofon with reliever on Friday. The terms were not immediately known but Ziegler agreed to a one-year deal.

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  • their pre-season trip to the country, reports /.O


    The Roy for teammate Henrikh Mkhitaryan.The Armenian has elected to travel to the final against Chelsea due to safety concerns, which stem from political tension between his homeland and host country, Azerbaijan."Of course it's a big loss for us. We are veralgers boss Steven Gerrard will succeed Jurgen Klopp as manager.Klopp has spoken of leaving the Reds after 2022.Speaking to Przeglad Sportowy, Dudek said: “Most of the very best players like to take a break after their playing career has ended and res traded minor league reliever to the Angels on Wednesday, as they acquired starting pitcher and cash in return. Sisk spent the 2012 season at Triple-A Omaha, whef Sassuolo star Jeremie Boga has confirmed former club Chelsea are following his progress.Boga left Chelsea for Sassuolo over 18 months ago and it's been confirmed the wing-back's contract carries a buy-back option for the Blues.Brother Daniel Boga, re he compiled a 3-2 record with a 2.54 ERA and eight saves.

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  • Bobby Abreu is … not in a hurry



    As the body ages,new offer for Nice wing-back Allan Saint-Maximin.With Steve Bruce installed as manager and Joelinton signed from Hoffenheim, Newcastle are now determined to reach terms for Saint-Maximin.RMC says an offer of €18m was tabled on Friday - with OGCN ye it, of course, takes us longer to tend to our normal duties. In 's case, that apparently mean himself making a return to former club Barcelona - if he is guaranteed minutes.Onana has burgen Klopp's team 25 points clear of second-placed Manchester City, who face Manchester United on Sunday in one of their two games in hand on the Premier League leaders.The hosts fell behind in controversial circumstances at Anfield, Callum Wilson seen linked with Barca as a replacement for unsettled former Ajax No1 Jasper Cillessen.And Onana, who joined Ajax as a teen from Barca's La Masia academy, said:s "rounding the bases after a home run."

    Abreu, you see, launched a bomb in the ' game against the Rockies on Friday. He then circled the bags in a pace that can best be described as "leisurely to the point of satire." Over at Baseball Prospectus, Larry Granillo has, wonderfully and dutifully, tracked "trot times" for a number of seasons. Granillo notes that Abreu's glacial 31.56-second-trot is ."

    As Granillo notes, Abreu's bat-flip and subsequent stroll might have been in response to getting buzzed earlier in the AB by hurler ... 

    When you come out of the box in such a manner, you're well on your way to a record trot. So to Bobby Abreu we offer our ... congratulations? 

    For more baseball news, rumors and analysis, follow on Twitter, subscribe to the and .

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  • Mets crowds about as loud as a doorbell


    (US Presswire)

    Things louder than a game include a doorbell, the phone ringing, a whistling kettle and a toaster, .

    The newspaper bought a decibel meter and sat in the upper deck for Monday's game against the . The decibel reader reached 80 decibels when the Mets took the field and the stadium played "Meet the Mets," but "held steady around 65," which is about the same as your washing machine or electric toothbrush, . The high was 95 decibels -- about the sound of a garbage disposal, electric drill or motorcycle -- when hit his second home run of the game.

    The tar Lewis Cook as he comes back from a knee injury.The 22-year-old suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury during a 2-1 win over Huddersfield in December.Now he is back in the gym, lifting weights and running as he looks to step up his recoveryannounced attendance for Monday's game was 22,072, or 52.6 percent of capacity. The Mets are 17th overall in attendance this season, averaging 28,056 per game, or about 67 percent of capacity at Citi Field. On  starting at $3 and enjoy a nice, quiet spot to meditate or have a nice conversation with rocess of "improving" the team this summer.Levy, who signed a new, eight-year agreement with current sponsors AIA, explained that obstacles to investing in the team have now been cleared. "We've now met the priority of building the stadium and our tryour loved ones.

    It should be noted thatyang is too selfless to play for an elite club.Aubameyang has been linked with Real Madrid and Barcelona throughout his career.But former Gunners scout Mislintat, who signed the striker from Borussia Dortmund, was quoted by The Athletic saying: "He i this isn't limited to the Mets and their fans. There are probably another 10 or so stadiums in baseball you could do this with at this time of year, and Mets fans have certainly had a tough year after being teased with adequacy earlier this season.

    For more baseball news, rumors and analysis, follow on Twitter, subscribe to the and .

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  • Report: Pirates could skip James McDonald’s start next week


    The might be leaning toward skipping in the rotation next week, to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Rob Biertempfel.

    McDonald surrendered four earned runs on five hits and four walks in 3 2/3 innings on Friday in a to the . It was the second time in three September starts that McDonald failed to make it past the fourth inning.

    McDonald is 12-8 in 29 starts with a 4.05 ERA and 151 strikeouts in 171 innings.

    If skipped, McDonald could be replaced by , who has made seven relief appearances for the Pirates this year. Manni Ceballos.Despite signing Tanguy Ndombele, Mauricio Pochettino wants Ceballos to strengthen his midfield.Real aren't keen on a permanent deal this summer.However, AS says Spurs are confident they can seal a deal for the Spain U21 international nextager Clint Hurdle has indicated that he would like to get McPherson a start or two this season.

    McPherson has allowed t Madrid.The striker has been offered to AS Roma, reports Mundo Deportivo.However, Mariano wants to stay with Real and has hopes of winning over coach Zinedine Zidane.Having seen Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez change Zizou's mind, Mariano has hopes owo earned runs on nine hits and two walks in 11 2/3 innings while striking out 11 batters. He has a 63:9 K:BB ratio in 67 minor-league innings this season.

    For more up-to-the-minute news and analysis on the latest rumors from bloggers Chris Cwik, Jack Moore and R. "indepth about football".De Jong concedes he's badgered about how he's found the Barca captain since arriving in the summer from Ajax.He told NOS, "Everyone is curious about this. "Of course I talk to him from time to time, but it's not like I talk J. White, follow

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  • Rival GMs: Russell Martin erred not taking three-year Yankees bid


    (Getty Images)

    Russell Martin made a mistake when he turned down the Yankees'says he is "buzzing" for Frank Lampard and his budding young stars.The Blues are currently third with eight wins from 12 Premier League games, despite not being able to sign any players until 2020 due to a FIFA transfer ban.In just his first season i three-year offer this past spring, baseball insiders say.

    The Yankees went against club policy, which is to wait for free agency to re-sign players, and instead offered Martin a three-year deal worth about $20 million as Martin headed into his walk year. However, talks broke apart, quite likely in part because that deal began to look low. The catching market improved markedly when Cardinals star Yadier Molina ster United over the summer as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer considered replacements for Inter Milan-bound Romelu Lukaku.But the Croatian didn't fit United's style of football, with Solskjaer keen on young players who could run at opposition defences as oppossigned a $75-million, five-year deal. Molina was also heading into his walk year.

    Then Miguel Montero, the Diamondbacks star catcher, signed a $60-million, five year deal. Like the other two, Montero also was heading into his free-agent season.

    While Martin is no Molina, $20 million or so looked light at that time compared to $75 million. Or even $60 million.

    However, three rival GMs surveyed this week suggested they believe Martin may now have to settle for a one-year deal following a season in which he has struggled offensively. Martin has stepped it up lately and is up to .209, with 16 home runs, but the batting average would be a career low.

    There is a paucity of quality catching so Martin could still surprise the GMs and squeeze out a multiyear deal, but their guess was that he'd likely wind up with a one-year deal, perhaps in the neighborhood of the $7.5 million he makes this year.

    The Yankees have several good catching prospects, but offering Martin a three-year deal suggests they question how soon any of their prospects will be ready to step in. J.R. Murphy to bring David Moyes back to Goodison Park.After Marco Silva's sacking on Thursday, Moyes is being touted for an emotional return to the Toffees, where 11 years in charge before departing for Man Utd in 2013.And Osman thinks it would be a good appoiand Gary Sanchez are the best of the Yankees' catching kids. The Yankees still will be looking for a catcher. Perhaps they could re-sign Martin. but there's almost no chance they offer him the same deal again.

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  • Indians extend Asdrubal Cabrera

    content_img Insider Jon Heyman reports that the Indians have agreed to terms with shortstop on a two-year contract extension that will run through 2014. . Cabrera is under contract for 2012 at a cost of $4.55 million. In essence, the new contract buys out his final year of arbitration and first year of free agency. While Cabrerar of the month for August in the Championship.The 21-year-old centre-back has played every minute of all seven of Leeds games so far this season in all competitions.Leeds have collected three sheets in those games.White beat Leeds team-mate Patrick B doesn't grade out especially well with the glove, he's very much an asset offensively, particularly by shortstop standards. In 2011, the switch-hitting Cabrera enjoyed a breakout campaign in terms of power, as he totaled 25 home runs and slugged .460. In large part, he accomplished that spike by significantly upping his fly-ball percentage and also increasing his HR/fly ball rate.If Cabrera's newfound power levels are sustainable (the increased fly-ball percentage is a good sign, but HR/FB rate is prone to fluctuatited this month.The France midfielder's priority has been to move to Real Madrid this summer, but the lues legend is being tipped to takeover from Maurizio Sarri at Stamford Bridge, if the Italian joins Juventus."I think he has done a really impressive job, it's his first ever job. He changed many things," Fabregas said."He had a very difficult squadSpanish giants have struggled to agree terms with United.United are adamant Pogba won't leave for less than € says Juve havenion), then the Indians are going to get quite a bargain over the next three seasons. To put a finer point on it, consider that Cabrera in 2011 was, in hypothetical dollar terms, , which, you might have noticed, is about what he'll be paid for 2013 and 2014 combined. So Cabrera could regress quite a bit and still be worth what he's being paid by a comfortable margin. Cleveland, though, is hoping that 2011 was a sign of things to come for the 26-year-old.
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