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  • Pair of Penn volleyball freshmen bond over shared high school experience


    A lot of big names come out of Marymount High School in Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian and Olivia Jade Giannulli are just two on a long and very well-known list.

    Flying slightly under the radar of the school’s more noteworthy alumni are the Marymount volleyball program's Taylor Fourticq and Caroline Douglas, both of whom are freshmen at Penn.

    The duo attended the all-girls Catholic preparatory school together for four years before committing to play for the Red and Blue. Their volleyball team has a long history of excellence and has won three California state titles.During their senior year, Fourticq and Douglas almost saw the program add a fourth, as the team lost in the state final. However, they were able to lead their team to a first-place finish at the Nike Tournament of Champions.

    Unsurprisingly, the program is consistently at the top of the list of schools that send volleyball players to compete in the Ivy League. Of their graduating class, Fourticq and Douglas are joined by teammates playing for schools across the country, including UCLA, San Diego, and Colgate.

    Marymount coach Cari Klein credits the recruiting position of the school to their brand of athletes.

    “I think programs might have a lot of academic kids who play volleyball, but it’s a different story when they’re used to winning. Taylor and Caroline are used to winning championships, winning tournaments. They don’t have much losing in their background," Klein said. "They expect to win."

    And win they have. In the first two weeks of the season, the Red and Blue have racked up more wins than their season total from last year. Although the Quakers dropped their to Princeton on Friday, the team started off its season with a six-game winning streak and is looking strong ahead of the first home game this Friday.

    Marymount athletes pay a high price for the success they achieve. With no real offseason, they see a full cycle of training year-round, including summer workouts on the beach and the UCLA track. At the end of their summer season, the players have what they "fine" after a poor week.Pochettino spoke to the media today after Tuesday's Carabao Cup shock at Colchester.He said, "It's okay. We feel disappointed because we expect to win the last three games and we haven't. "We deserved to beat Leicester, it i refer to as “hell week,” which consists of two to three daily practices. When the school year resumes, the team gets in a practice before and after school on some days, in addition to traveling to competitions.

    After their time at such a rigorous program, it is clear that the duo has had a fairly smooth transition to collegiate volleyball.

    “Here, for instance, our weights are at 7:30 in the morning, and that literally feels like sleeping in. I still have my alarm on my phone for 4:57 in the morning called, ‘you got this,’ and I just thank God every morning that that’s never going to be set again,” Douglas said.

    While both have been playing volleyball for 10 years, at times the commits that his move from Southampton to the Reds worked out very nicely.Many fans were skeptical when Liverpool paid a then record sum for a defender to procure Van Dijk.But he made an instant impact and has helped the club to Champions League glory, witment to the sport at Marymount was far from easy. Regardless, they both looked back fondly on their senior night, an event dedicated to those who succeed through four years of the program.

    “At Marymount, volleyball senior night is a huge deal. Girls literally stay in the program for four years just to have a senior night. You get these cute little teddy bears that my mom actually makes, with your jersey, and a ton of stuff that describes you,” Douglas said. “That was definitely my highlight because going through that program is really tough for four years, it’s such an accomplishment and that night is just an accumulation of everything you’ve done and everything you’ve worked for.”

    Within such a demanding program, the athletes inevitably get very close. While in some sports the recruiting process is immensely stressful and can turn teammates against each other as they compete for a limited number of spots, Douglas and Fourticq had a very different experience.

    “Most people aren’t competing for the same spot. Me and Dougie, because we’re different positions, weren’t competing for a specific Penn spot, which made things much less stressful,” Fourticq said.

    After both attended the same sophomore summer camp at Penn, the duo had official visits on the same weekend when the Red and Blue played Princeton. Although they spent the majority of the weekend together, the coaches would separate recruits at times to give them confidential offers to join the team.

    “I remember we didn’t know how to ask each other if we’d gotten the offer. I remember sitting at White Dog [Cafe] and going to the bathroom together so we could be like, ‘sooooo?’’” Douglas said.

    Luckily for them, the two both got offers and committed within 48 hours of each other.

    The relationships built among the Marymount athletes are lasting. When the Red and Blue were playing at the last week, the Marymount team, coming back from a tournament in Las Vegas, realized that Douglas and Fourticq were in their vicinity.

    While on the bus, the players tried to no a late sale for Donny van de Beek.It's been claimed Real Madrid have a deal for the Holland midfielder and will sign him should they fail to land Manchester United star Paul Pogba.But Overmars told SER Catalunya, "Van de Beek will stay with Ajax thiavail to convince the driver to turn around so they could meet up with their teammates.

    “It speaks volumes when the whole bus wants to turn and get a hug from [Fourticq and Douglas] because they know they’re in Riverside. The girls were dying to see them. They’re pretty important people to the program,” Klein said.

    While they certainly embraced the athletic opportunity that Marymount had to offer, Fourticq and Douglas didn’t exactly miss out on celebrity sightings either. Kim Kardashian’s 20th reunion for Marymount fell during their time there.

    “We found out that it was, in fact, Kim Kardashian’s 20th reunion one Friday night at Marymount. Our entire class of volleyball girls were all at Taylor’s house,” Douglas recalled. “We drove to Marymount that night, and I decided that I was going to be the guinea pig, that I was going to sacrifice my life. There was so much security."

    Douglas entered the school under the guise of having lost her wallet. After wandering around for a while, she saw Kim Kardashian from a distance. The experience clearly left an impression on both of them.

    “She was literally posting photos from the seat that I sat in in math,” Fourticq said.

    While Olivia Jade’s presence in the class above them was more of a sensitive subject, the two rattled off a list of celebrities and famous figures that they encountered during their time at Marymount. Now-famous singer Charlotte Lawrence played volleyball with their program.

    Having joined this group of notable alumni, Fourticq and Douglas are poised to contribute both on and off the court as members of this year’s new and improved Penn squad.

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  • Penn Athletics declines to further comment on Jerome Allen investigation


    The scope of the Jerome Allen scandal expanded last week when he testified that Ira Bowman, Allen's former assistant coach, had knowledge of the payments, but on the implications of the revelation.

    Between 2013 and 2015, Allen, a former Penn men’s basketball coach and star player, in exchange for naming a prospective student a recruited athlete. Penn Associate Athletic Director of Administration and Strategic Communications Kevin Bonner declined to provide information on the timeline, scope, or details of the investigation, only providing a general statement.

    “We were extremely disappointed to learn that Jerome Allen, former head men's basketball coach at Penn, accepted payments to recruit a potential student-athlete to Penn and concealed that conduct from the Athletic Department and University administration,” Bonner wrote on March 12.

    “Until Jerome’s testimony last week, we also were unaware that former assistant men’s basketball coach Ira Bowman had any relevant knowledge of the matter. The University has been cooperating fully with the government and the NCAA so that the matter is appropriately redressed."

    Bonner declined to expand on the statement to clarify what was meant by the phrases “cooperating fully” and “appropriately redressed."

    Penn Athletics has not confirmed to The Daily Pennsylvanian if the Chuck Smrt investigation remains open or what its scope covered. On Oct. 8, Penn released a statement to the saying that the “independent review” was in its , but that they could not comment until “that process is finalized.”

    “Penn thoroughly reviewed everything surrounding the situation, and as soon as we're at liberty to proceed forward, after that part of the trial at least, we will,” Athletics Director M. Grace Calhoun said .

    “It really comes down to whether the school knew or should have known,” Miami-based collegiate sports lawyer said. “If they didn’t know and couldn’t have known and [Allen] really did a serious job of trying to conceal it, then the school’s culpability obviously goes down dramatically to the point where they might not even have an NCAA violation.

    “It’s [a question of] how did it happen and did the school know about it. Someone in compliance: Should they or could they have done more?”

    It remains unclear when Penn Athletics will release the findings of the investigation, which began three days after the allegations against Allen broke in July.

    “[The investigation] could take a year; it could take less. It just depends on how much information they’re trying to obtain and how cooperative people are being, but these things do tend to take longer than you’d expect,” Setchen said.

    There is a potential statute of limitations issue if the investigation takes that long. According to the , the typical statute of limitations for violations is four years, which for this case would be sometime in 2019. There is, however, an exception to the statute of limitations that may apply if the NCAA finds that the rules violation consisted of “a blatant disregard for certain fundamental rules (recruirs finished with nine men as they suffered a fifth defeat in sixth ahead of their Champions League semi-final second leg at Ajax.Heung-Min Son, back in the team after suspension, and Juan Foyth, just 135 seconds after coming on, both saw red at the Vting, extra benefits, academics, ethical conduct).”

    On Wednesday, Bowman was suspended by his current school, Auburn, where he is currently an assistant coach. Bowman after being hired by Auburn in July, two weeks before allegations that Allen accepted bribes went public.

    Bowman’s involvement came through Allen and involved both knowledge of and participation in the payments, reported. After Allen was fired in March 2015, he created an additional account for Esformes to wire money to and provided Bowman with a debit card to access the account.

    “[The testimony that Bowman was involved] opens a whole new can of worms because there’s a new coaching administration involved. Now you have to go interview them,” Setchen said.ol.Now 22, Gomes left Villarreal for Liverpool at 16.He told Marca: "I did not agree with Villarreal to renew and the truth is that I always wanted to go to England. "And if it was also a club like Liverpool... It was an incredible experience."I talk

    Neither the NCAA nor Ivy League have announced any investigation into the Allen scandal or any of the other bribery admission scandals that implicated Georgetown, Yale, and Stanford among other schools. If they an Smith recognises the pressure he feels being in charge at Villa Park.Smith is a lifelong Villa fan and knows the expectations around the club."Being a head coach or manager of Aston Villa, there is always going to be pressure there," he told Sky Sdo, it is possible that they would recommend sanctions against Penn men’s basketball, Penn Athletics, or both.

    “There are clearly NCAA violations. There’s no doubt that the violation occurred,” Setchen said. “The question now would be what is [Penn's] culpability in that and what would be the penalty for it.”

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  • February 5 | Is Stat So?


    In this week's edition of Is Stat So?, Penn gymnastics flirts with perfection on beam, wrestling manages a come-from-behind win, and women's basketball continues to impress offensively, while the men maintainaiming Sadio Mane is set to leave them.The Reds all-but confirmed American giants Nike would be their kit supplier from next season after they beat current suppliers New Balance at the High Court last Friday.The Daily Star reports Mane could switch b their unblemished Ivy record. for previous editions.

    Penn gymnastics' combral roleof Saturday's opponents Leicester City.Solskjaer talked up the Foxes' credentials while insisting that United can now not afford to fall behind Leicester, or other top-four rivals including Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal."Leicester is always a tough s.He said: "I'm not really too bothered about where I play as long as I'm out there but I am enjoying the deeper role."I'm fitting into that role quite well with this team and the players in front and behind me."For me to be in that position,ined score, out of a possible 50, on the beam at Cornell. The effort was Penn's highest in at least a decade, allowing the Quakers to the defending Ivy champions on the road.

    Years since Penn women's basketball had scored more points in an Ivy League game than the 88 it put upon . The Red and Blue have now won seven straight games.

    Free throw attempts by Penn men's basketball in its over Brown. Aside from 51 attempts in a four-overtime game at Monmouth, it was Penn's highest total of the season.

    Matches during which Penn wrestling led Harvard in its eventual 20-18 win over the Crimson. The Quakers trailed for the entire contest before junior heavyweight Tyler Hall's walk-off win put the score in Penn's favor.

    Undefeated teams left in Ivy League men's or women's basketball after the while Harvard was upset by Columbia. The Quakers are one of just 12 D-1 men's teams that are still undefeated in conference play.

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  • Penn sprint football's Tracey Woods anchors defense despite inexperience


    Penn sprint football wrapped up its fourth consecutive win to start the season this past weekend to head into an bye week still undefeated.

    Of the multitude of players who have raised their game this season, junior defensive back Tracey Woods has stood out as one of the most improved players on the roster. If Woods seems like a new face, it’s because he is only in his first year with the Quakers. In fact, he hadn’t played football at all for the last six years.

    Through four games, Woods has four pass breakups and one interception to go along with 10.5 total tackles. Looking at the how the defense has done this year as a whole also shows Woods’ importance to the team.

    Penn’s defense has allowed only four passing touchdowns through its first four games, wAston Villa defender Tyrone Mings will make his England debut against Bulgaria on Monday night.The 26-year-old has been impressive form this season.Gareth Southgate will use to centre-back to replace Michael Keane. The Everton defender delivered another poor display in Friday's loss to Czech Republic.hile picking off the opposing quarterback a noteworthy 13 times. This secondary is not just opportunistic though — they have proven capable of shutting down the opposing team’s passing attack each week by only a Vardy.Elder left the King Power Stadium in the summer to sign a three-year contract with the Tigers.Elder reckons that both Bowen and Vardy possess similar qualities which makes them both clinical in front of goal."I've said it to a lot of lads, a lllowing 5.5 yards per passing play. For contrast, Penn’s offense has averaged 10.1 yards per passing play this season.

    Though it may seem like a surprise that one of the team’s top players played his last football game before this season six years ago, Woods’ childhood experience with the sport and dedication to re-learning the game this offseason paved the way for the his successful season thus far.

    Woods’ football career began when he was just in elementary school, but by the time he reached high school, he began to develop interests in other sports, joining the cross country and bowling teams for St. Augustine High School in New Orleans. Though he was no longer playing organized football, his love for the sport never dwindled. Woods admitted that quitting football was a regrettable decision.

    “In hindsight, it wasn’t the best choice,” he said, “because every every year I didn’t play I just missed being on the field, and it’s not really something you can just recreate in a pickup game.”

    Joining the sprint football team this year allowed Woods to finally get the feeling back that he had lacked since before high school.

    Picking up a sport after a six-year layoff is not an easy task. To further complicate matters, Woods was also making the transition from wide receiver to cornerback. The difference between focusing on the quarterback, as he had learned as a wide receiver, and staying with his man as a cornerback was hard at first, and Woods will be the first to tell you that duringreturn to Chelsea.Obi is happy Frank Lampard is now in the Stamford Bridge hotseat. He was alongside Lampard in midfield for every minute at the Allianz Arena when Chelsea shocked Bayern Munich in the 2012 Champions League final - sharing the dressin the spring, he struggled at practice.

    “I was used to playing receiver and having the ball thrown at me,” he said. “So now I’m here at practice paying attention to the quarterback rather than the guy I’m supposed to be covering and just blowing coverage in every rep.”

    Over the summer he studied defensive footwork and technique, learning how to read a receiver’s hips, how to play both man and zone coverage and bait the quarterback into a risky pass. When it came time for preseason practices in August, Woods was a whole new player, ready to take on the daunting task of a starting cornerback role.

    Woods has been around successful football teams before. As a senior in high school, his school’s team featured current LSU superstar Leonard Fournette, who led the team to an 8-1 regular season. Though Woods was not a member of the team, he still felt the energy such a successful season was able to bring to the school, and for Penn sprint football that same type of energy is currently there.

    “This whole year the coaching staff has been saying this is a special team,” he said, “and now it’s time for us to finish it.”

    With a 4-0 record, big wins over Navy and Army, and only three games left on the schedule, this could be the year they do secure the title, on the back of Woods and the defense’s strong play.

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  • Penn women's soccer ready for the first step forward


    It’s soccer season in University City.

    Penn women’s soccer opens its season this weekend with two games — one away against Mount St. Mary’s and one home against Old Dominion — giving the team two chances to start out on the right foot.

    The season is young, so the Quakers are trying to focus on more short-term goals before setting thee Premier League will not use video assistant referees in 2019-20 to rule on goalkeepers moving off their line to save a penalty, reports BBC Sport.Three penalties have been retaken at the Women's World Cup after VAR ruled keepers did not have at leair eyes on an Ivy League championship or an NCAA berth. Right now, the team is taking every practice and game one day at a time.

    “We are kind of just starting small,” senior ally e closing in on the signing of Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon.According to The Sun, the move has progressed to the extent that Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino will give Ndombele a tour of the club.Ndombele, who is 22, is already a French international aabused by Espanyol fans during Saturday's 1-1 draw.The 25-year-old even told captain Iker Muniain about the insults so that he could inform the referee, Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez, however the official did not record it in his report after the back Haley Cooper said.

    The team is untested, with nine new players — including eight freshman and one junior transfer student — filling out the 27-person roster. At this point in the season, nothing is settled on the roster front.

    According to coach Darren Ambrose, the first few games of the season give the Quakers a chance to find the optimal formation and lineup before conference play opens against defending Ivy League champion Harvard on Sept. 27.

    “We want to see how the girls [play] before we decide on a final system,” he said. “We want to see who complements who so that we’ve got a system that allows us to maximize the depth of our roster.”

    Penn’s first game of the weekend will be away on Friday against Mount St. Mary’s (0-4). The Mount is coming into the match against Penn off of a close 0-1 loss to Lehigh last Sunday.

    The last time Penn took on the Mount, the Quakers emerged with a 4-0 victory. This year, the Red and Blue is hoping for a repeat outcome to bolster the young team’s confidence.

    Then, on Sunday, the Quakers will play Old Dominion (0-2) in their home opener at Rhodes Field at 2 p.m. This year marks the second time the Quakers have played the Monarchs after first meeting last year in Norfolk, Va.

    When the two teams played in 2013, Penn came back from a two-goal deficit in regulation to tie the game at 2-2. Despite outshooting the Monarchs, 17-7, Penn was unable to take the upper hand in either of the two overtime periods. The game ended in a tie, the Quakers’ second consecutive draw of the season.

    This year, the Red and Blue is hoping for a slightly different outcome and Cooper, one of the team’s three captains, knows the importance of the weekend.

    “It would be good to get two wins the first weekend, both away and home,” she said.

    Starting the season with a winning 2-0 record could help the Quakers gain momentum before they face Harvard later this month. Last year, the Crimson was responsible for the sole loss on Penn’s 5-1-1 conference record.

    While it is still too soon to make any promises about what will happen come November, the Quakers have their sights set far beyond this opening weekend.

    “Obviously,” said Cooper, “an Ivy League title is in the back of our minds.”

    For now, though, Penn is just looking to take its first step towards a winning record this season.

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  • Red and Blue lift off for trip to Italy


    2014 has already been atakeholders committee recommended regulations be put before the decision-making council, reports, /.The agenda for the meeting in Zurich included an item referring to 'matches played in the territory of another member federation', and after its concln unforgettable year for Penn women’s basketball. Luckily for the Quakers, the program shouldn’t be lacking excitement anytime soon.

    Following an outstanding season in which the Red and Blue captured their first Ivy League title since 2003-04, Penn brought its summer to a close with a 10-day trip to Italy in mid-August.

    And while some may view the trip solely as a reward for the Quakers’ success last season, it’s clear that the journey is a mixture of both pleasure and business for Penn.

    In addition to spending time sightseeing in Milay're moving for Everton midfielder Idrissa Gueye. With the African Cup of Nations now over, talks over the Senegal international are now set to step up.PSG are hoping to do business for €30m, though French media sources suggest Everton are hiking un, Venice and Rome, the Red and Blue also played three games against various Italian and German professional squads over the course of their trip.

    “For a basketball program, number one we’re grateful for the opportunity to go and we’re grateful for the support of the alums for giving us this opportunity,” coach Mike McLaughlin said. “It gives us a chance to look forward to the year coming.”

    The Red and Blue kicked off their trip in Philadelphia on Aug. 11. After a short flight to New York, the Quakers then departed for Milan where they spent three days and played their first matchup against a select team of Italian all-stars.

    With strong efforts from a number of key returning players, the Quakers topped the Italians, 69-39. Sophomore center Sydney Stipanovich led the way with 19 points, while senior Kathleen Roche, senior Kara Bonenberger and sophomore Melanie Lockett also scored in double figures.

    Over the course of the next six days, the team spent one day each in Venice, Florence, La Spezia and Pisa before wrapping up its trip with a two-day stint in Rome. The team also took a day trip to Switzerland while staying in Milan and played its final two games on consecutive days while in La Spezia and Pisa.

    The first contest against La Spezia went much the same way as the team’s first game of the international trip, with the Quakers taking down the Italian team, 78-49, behind another balanced attack. Stipanovich once again led the way with 23 points, and the Redanchester United, it's been confirmed by RBL that they've made an offer to Salzburg for the Norway striker.However, says BILD, the youngster's personal demands have stunned RBL directors.Currently on €1m-a-year at Salzburg, Haaland is demanding a s and Blue benefitted from a pair of second-half three pointers from junior Brooklyn Juday.

    Against the German team Chemcats Chemnitz, however, things would take a slight turn for the worse as the Quakers fell, 62-56. Penn fell behind by 18 midway through the third quarter and never fully recovered.

    Due to NCAA rules, the Red and Blue’s four incoming freshmen were ineligible to play and unable to travel with the team. Penn was also without forward Stephanie Cheney, who recently left the team after only one season with the program.

    Nonetheless, as the Quakers transition into a new era — one without recent graduates Alyssa Baron, Meghan McCullough, Kristen Kody and Courtney Wilson — Penn had the chance to develop its culture and players’ abilities while on the court in Italy.

    “We want to see who fits well together and plays well together,” senior forward Katy Allen said. “And obviously things will change by November, but it will be nice because it’ll be different without the four seniors from last year.”

    Though Allen did not play overseas due to her ongoing recovery from a broken foot at the end of last season, the veteran looked forward to utilizing her position as a team leader to help the squad grow.

    “Just to kind of organize drills and get people back into the swing of things, I think that’s a good chance for us [seniors] to step up as leaders,” Allen said. “I guess [the injury recovery] could be a chance for me to step up in my role on the bench and see some things that I can help the other players out with.”

    Last summer, Penn men’s basketball traveled to Italy in preparation for its upcoming season. It’s clear that the Quakers’ feedback following their experience abroad is fresh in the minds of McLaughlin’s squad.

    “Right when [the men’s team] came back, we asked them how it went and they all said they loved it,” Allen said. before the trip “I’m looking forward to it based on what they said.”

    And while the trip’s impact on the court may pay dividends in the long run for the Quakers, the personal ramifications are what matter most.

    “I think it’s a very rewarding trip for them,” McLaughlin said. “It’s something that they’ll cherish for a very long time.”

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  • Penn wrestling winning ways, sweeps pair of duels


    Last weekend, No. 8 Nebraska knocked Penn wrestling to the floor in front of a massive crowd in Lincoln.

    This weekend, the Quakers picked themselves up and walked away victorious in duals with Binghamton and Bucknell.

    “We had to bounce back from a pretty tough loss the weeke African Cup of Nations campaign.Bolasie was farmed out on loan to Aston Villa and then Anderlecht last season, after missing a huge chunk of his Everton career with an ACL injury.Bolasie said: "Logically, if I really wanted to thinkis on his way to Paris Saint Germain.The 19-year-old is out of contract at the Blues at the end of the month, with a new deal not on the table.He will become PGS's first summer recruit, on a three-year deal, says the Le Parisian.Chelsea landed Bulka [about it], I'd nd before, and our team respoed to prise James Maddison away from Leicester City.The Norwegian has asked his scouts to keep tabs on Maddison, according to the London Evening Standard.The Foxes star has started this season just as well as last season, and Solskjaer is keen on addnded well,” Penn coach Rob Eiter said. “We were hoping . . . that this was kind of a weekend to make those adjustments from a tough couple weeks prior. The team responded very well, and overall, I’m very pleased with the results.”

    Penn’s return to form started Friday night at the Palestra, where No. 17 sophomore Casey Kent and No. 12 junior Lorenzo Thomas helped lead the way to a 22-13 victory over Binghamton (3-8).

    The dual remained close during the lighter bouts, with Penn (4-3) leading 10-6 after 157-pound sophomore Ray Bethea’s close 13-9 victory on the strength of five takedowns. Then the Red and Blue pulled away.

    The 165-pound Kent forced a technical fall and picked up several backpoints to cruise to a 17-0 win that extended Penn’s lead from 10-6 to 15-6.

    “Casey is about as rock solid as you’re going to get,” Eiter said. “He’s pretty methodical in his style of wrestling, and he just did an awesome job this weekend and the weekend before.”

    At 184 pounds, Thomas notched two takedowns and added bonus points en route to a 14-4 decision that put Penn ahead, 22-6.

    “[Thomas is] one of the anchors of the team, obviously nationally ranked,” Eiter said. “We’re looking for big points from him, and he delivered in both matches for us. Again, we totally look for him to score those points when we need them.”

    Fast-forward to Sunday afternoon’s dual at Bucknell (5-7). The Bison took an early lead on the back of 125-pound sophomore Paul Petrov, who got a 14-4 decision. But Penn would rally back to a 24-13 victory. Although Sunday’s score was similar to Friday’s dual, Eiter believes his squad improved over the course of the weekend.

    “Actually, I think we wrestled a little bit better today, and that’s what I had stressed, that we get a little bit better from Binghamton,” Eiter said. “There’s a couple of things we did since the Binghamton match so we could correct in a short amount of time. The majority of the team had made some corrections, and it showed in the matches today. They got a little bit better today.”

    Freshman Ken Bade started Penn’s comeback by picking up six huge points at 133 pounds. Junior Jeff Canfora then increased the Quakers’ lead with a 12-4 win at 141 pounds — his sixth win in seven matches — that featured five takedowns.

    As the dual moved on the heavier bouts, Kent, Thomas and Bethea helped Penn seal the win with 9-1, 16-2 and 9-5 wins, respectively. Thomas picked up his 16th win of the season, while Bethea notched his 14th victory of the season for the Red and Blue.

    “[Bethea’s] a phenomenal athlete, and every day he’s learning a little bit more,” Eiter said. “Today he struggled a little bit — the kid wrestled him really good. Ray really had to work for his points, and hopefully he learns a little bit from this match.”

    The Quakers will try to build on this weekend’s success as they return to action for an important dual with Army next Sunday at the Palestra.SEE ALSO

    “Penn wrestling hopes to make the grade over winter break”: http://www.thedp.com/r/2d537bc0

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  • Green Bay Packers sign Greg Van Roten


    Three-time All-Ivy offensive lineman and recent graduate Greg Van Roten just signed a free agent contract with the Green Bay Packers.

    Van Roten will attend the Packers training camp, which runs from Thursday, July 26, to Tuesday, August 28, and includes preseason games against the San Diego Chargers, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.

    “I’m so happy for Greg,” said Penn offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Jon McLaughlin. “This opportunity is a real testament to him and all the hard work he’s put in. Coming out of high school, he was told by several coaches that he couldn’t play at the Division I level, and he always used that as motivation.”

    Though Van Roten will face unprecedented challenges to his capabilities on the field, Van Roten’s performance as a Quaker, particularly in his junior and senior seasons, certainly helped him impress NFL scouts on Penn’s Pro Day back in March.

    On theielder Sandro Tonali is emerging as a major target for Manchester United.The Sun says United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has received glowing reports and their Italian spies watched him play the full 90 minutes in last Monday's goalless draw with Fiore Pro Day, at which Van Roten’s teammates Luke Nawrocki, Erik Rask and Matt Hamscher also participated, Van Roten put up numbers that were on par with results reported from the NFL Regional Combine hosted at the New York Jets facility.

    In the 40-yard dash, Van Roten ran a 5.06 seconds, compared to the average combine time of 5.11 seconds. His vertical jump reached 34.5 feet, two inches better than the combine average of 32.5.

    As a result of his Pro Day performance and stellar junior and senior seasons as a Quaker, Van Roten was invited to play at three NFL mini-camps in May. The invites came from the Chargers, the Jets and the Packers, and he chose to attend thlegends match next year, nine years after leaving the club to sign for Cime header helped Tottenham Hotspur to a 2-1 victory over Wolves at Molineux on Sunday.Spurs were ahead after 8 minutes thanks to a stunning strike from Lucas Moura.Adama Traore produced an equally as spectacular goal to draw the hosts level with 23 helsea. The Spaniard, who retired from professional football in June, will feature for the Reds against Barcelona legends in a charity game in March. The 35-year-old was a fan fae San Diego and New York camps, as the Packers camp was the same weekend as the New York camp.

    In his senior season, even despite his switch from tackle to guard midway through the season, Van Roten anchored the fifth-best offense in program history (2,284 total yards of offense).

    Van Roten was also an All-Ivy honoree on the 2010 squad that had the highest rushing and scoring offense in the Ivy League. That year, the Red and Blue also finished with the sixth-best rushing attack in the FCS and the second-best rushing season in program history.

    Van Roten finished his Penn career with a 28-12 record overall and a 23-5 Ivy League mark. The Class of 2012 won two Ivy titles and were just the third team ever to string together back-to-back undefeated Ivy seasons.

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  • W. Hoops loses to Villanova extending streak


    For the first time in her collegiate career, Alyssa Baron was silenced.

    In the women’s basketball team’s 52-30 loss to Villanova (12-6, 4-0 Big 5) last night, the reigning Ivy League Rookie of the Year shot 0-for-8 from the field in her first scoreless game.

    “She’s trying to do a little too much,” coach Mike McLaughlin saod. “She’s trying to force the action a little too early too often and she needs to let the game come to her.”

    Baron’s difficulties represent the larger offensive struggles that continue to plague the Quakers (7-7, 0-3), as they extended their losing streak to five games.

    Penn led, 11-9, at the midway point of the first, but it would be its last lead of the game. The Wildcats went on a 7-0 run and closed out the frame with a 21-6 run overall. They headed into the break with a 30-16 lead.

    “[Villanova is] really good at skipping the ball and gr Bosman prospect Adam Lallana.The Liverpool midfielder, who signed for the Reds from Southampton in 2014, is out-of-contract this summer and is highly unlikely to sign a new deal at Anfield. Sky Sports says as a result, he is already allowed to talk eat at getting quick shots off,” said sophomore Brianna Bradford, who had three points and three steals in 17 minutes on the floor.

    “The first 12 minutes of the game, we played the way we ack in the 3-1 win over Bournemouth on Sunday.Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling put the visitors ahead before Harry Wilson scored on the stroke of half-time.The Cherries returned after the break buoyed by their breakthrough and pushed City all the waneeded to play to give ourselves a chance,” McLaughlin said. “It got away from us in the last eight minutes of the half and it just spiraled.”

    The offensive problems intensified in the second half, as the Quakers could only muster one basket in the first eight minutes of play.

    “We’re leaving a lot of opportunities out there. We have transition opportunities that we’re not capitalizing on,” McLaughlin said. “We’re putting a lot of stress on our halfcourt team.”

    Villanova, ranked No. 27 nationally in to take a pay cut to join Juventus as part of a cash-plus-player deal for Joao Cancelo.City reopened talks last week with Juventus about a possible deal for the full-back.Juve want €60m to sell the Portugal international defende,And City hop to driscoring defense, built up a 22-point lead in the second, from which the Quakers could never recover. Despite Penn’s offensive difficulties, this was the first time the Quakers reached the 30-point threshold against the Wildcats since 2005.

    Though Baron played a team-high 31 minutes on the court, she could find no success against Villanova’s tight defense.

    “I think we all fell victim to it, not just [Baron],” Bradford said.

    Baron’s previous career-low scoring output was seven points — once against St. Joseph’s on Saturday and last year against Lafayette.

    “We’ve got to move the ball quicker. We’ve got to be able to beat their player off the dribble. We have to finish around the basket,” McLaughlin said.

    After going unbeaten in the first three Big 5 games of the season, the Wildcats’ victory ensured them the Big 5 championship title, their 13th under coach Henry Perretta.

    The Red and Blue will have to jump-start their offense if they want to snap their five-game skid when they face Temple on Saturday in their final tune-up before Ivy play resumes.

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  • Penn the EIWA favorite in three weightclasses


    For reigning NCAA champion Matt Valenti, it will be impossible to improve on last year's results.

    But for this year's wrestling team, a top-20 ranking means that Valenti is not the only one who will compete strongly at the national level.

    Penn's most competitive sport in the NCAA bedrid.The 18-year-old Japan international is currently on loan at Real Mallorca after joining Los Blancos in the summer."He's a very good player," Kagawa told MARCA."He already speaks Spanish because he was at the Barcelona academy for a bit and this gins this season ranked No. 14 in the country in the USA Today Coaches' Poll. In a recent EIWA media poll, Penn was picked third in the division behind No. 9 Cornell and No. 21 Lehigh.

    The strong team rankings directly correlate to the respect thaited for the summer market.The manager remains locked in talks with management about a new deal.The Evening Chronicle says owner Mike Ashley will not budge on the club's approach to spending but a potential £61million transfer pot is on the table fot individual Quakers wrestlers are getting.

    Sophomore Matt Dragon and senior Matt Herrington join Valenti as the preseason favorites at their respective weight divisions in the EIWA. Valenti competes in the 133-pound weightclass, Dragon at 149 and Herrington at 174. Valenti is the national by wearing Everton's number nine jersey.The 22-year-old, who was signed by the club in 2016, inherited the shirt from Sandro Ramirez this summer.He told Sky Sports News: "It is a dream come true to wear the No 9 shirt. It is such a big club with a gfavorite at his position; Herrington is second at his.

    Several other Penn wrestlers made the top five rankings in the EIWA. This includes Gene Zannetti, Zack Shanaman, Lior Zamir and Cesar Grajales.

    The Quakers hope that this preseason hype leads to in-season success.

    In just his second year, coach Zeke Jones looks to lead his squad on another impressive run. Last year's team finished third in the EIWA and had an incredible 12th-place standing in the NCAA Tournament. Jones believes that his team's success will only increase with time.

    "You have to adjust to the new environment," Jones said. "I am still learning the 'Penn way.'"

    Penn should get a feel for its potential early in the season. On Nov. 12, the Quakers travel to East Lansing for the Michigan State Open. They come back home to the Palestra for the Keystone Classic, and then travel to Albany, N.Y., for the Northeast Duals. Trips to Las Vegas, Nev., and Cedar Falls, Iowa, soon follow.

    But the question this year, as it has been for several years, is whether the Quakers are strong enough to challenge Cornell for the Ivy title.

    Those who follow Penn wrestling already have the date circled on their calendars. Friday, Feb. 9 marks the showdown with Cornell in Ithaca, N.Y., one that the Quakers lost, 20-12, last year at the Palestra.

    Beyond that, it remains to be seen if Penn can do what it has seemed poised to do for the last couple of years - overtake Lehigh, Cornell or both in the EIWA.

    "I think there are four or five teams that have the potential of winning [the EIWA title]," Jones said. "Cornell is definitely the favorite right now," though.

    The prospects for the season on the whole seem strong. The Quakers lost only four seniors, and this year's squad is stacked with young talent - six freshmen and two transfer students join the team.

    And while a No. 14 preseason ranking is higher than any other Penn team in recent years, the Quakers are poised and eager to continue their ascent.

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  • Zachary Levine: Newsflash, Joe Scott: It's about winning, too


    It took 157 words for Joe Scott to explain his goals for the rest of the season after his Tigers fell to 1-6 in the Ivy League Tuesday at the Palestra.

    It took only six to show just how far the Princeton program has fallen under Scott's watch.

    It's not about the end result.

    "Our goals are the same every game," Scott said after the Tigers' 48-35 loss. "We're building a program where our guys know why and how. Why we play the way we play. How we play that way. And we make ourselves play that way every single game.

    "When you do that, when you become successful, you know why and how. You keep doing it over and over again. It's called habits. That's what we're building. There's no time frame for when those things are going to occur. It's not about the end result. We're building something. It's about developing young guys who are willing to do that and do it all the time."

    In Scott's three-year tenure, he's taken Princeton from a defending Ivy League champion to a program where it's not about the end result.

    That's something for the fifth-grade coach at the YMCA to say. Not the coach of a 25-time conference champion.

    And Scott has brought it all upon himself.

    It was funny to see him huffing and puffing on the sideline, not because anyone was amused by the fact that he ended the contest sounding like an 80-year-old chain-smoker, but because he was doing it at all the wrong times.

    He stomped around like a lunatic after nearly every foul call in the second half. But he barely took notice when Marcus Schroeder and Lincoln Gunn - with seconds to go on the shot clock, of course - turned it loose and burned Penn defenders to the basket.

    There had to be a part of him that asked what would happen if he just let this team play basketball.

    What would happen if he realized the only talented "point-center" he had who can make the Princeton offense funcLuton Town's James Justin as a possible replacement for Harry Maguire. The Foxes are expected to pay at least £12 million, according to the Leicester Mercury.The youngster enjoyed an excellent season for Luton last term as they were promoted to the tion is Howard Levy, sitting next to him in a jacket and tie?

    Not only is he running a center's offense without a center, but he's also running a shooter's offense without shooters. In Scott's final season at Air Force, his Falcons went 22-7, hitting at 48.1 percent from the floor. In the midst of this year's debacle, the Tigers are at a league-worst 40.9 percent.

    And it's not just bad luck that he doesn't have the parts. It's Scott's inability to land the missing pieces to fit his system.

    Or maybe the pieces were there all along.

    Maybe that fundamental center was Noah Levine, gone after wehe club.Fernandes arrived at Old Trafford with a reputation as an on-field leader and he's already barking out instructions on the pitch and urging for more from his teammates.And according to McTominay he is like that in training as well and takes teks as a freshman. Maybe the shooter was Max Schafer, a John Thompson III recruit who left Scott's system. Or maybe it was Blake Wilson, who left for St. Joseph's after one semester in Orange and Black.

    Maybe they all went the way of Harrison Schaen and Patrick Ekeruo, leaving a team that's had more defections than the Cuban baseball squad.

    Those guys are probably planning to form their own summer league team now, and they might even score 50 points in a game once or twice.

    It's astounding what this

    program has turned into in three years. Just listen to more from Scott after the game.

    We're just going to keep working on getting went from newly promoted to booking their place in the Europa League with a seventh-placed finish.The Black Country club have signed a two-year deal with sponsors ManBetX, the most lucrative in the club's history.Introducing the new @adidasfootball better at what we do.

    Keep working on guys being able to finish plays, make a lay-up, make a shot, make a post move.

    Never mind not being Senator Bradley's Final Four team or the No. 5 seed in the Tournament from 1998.

    This isn't even the 6-8 mess he created out of an Ivy champion with four returning starters.

    This version of the Tigers needed double overtime at home against Harvard to avoid going 0-for-the-first-half.

    For Joe Scott, fifth-grade basketball coach, it's not about the end result.

    For Joe Scott, Division I basketball coach, it may be just about the end.

    Zachary Levine is a senior mathematics major from Delmar, N.Y., and is former Sports Editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian. His e-mail address is zlevine@sas.upenn.edu.

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  • Despite team struggles, Seddon plans to return


    Say this for Penn baseball coach Bob Seddon. He is not easilydiscouraged.

    Seddon's Quakers (8-25, 3-13 Ivy), losers of five straight and 11 of their last 12, will look to end the season on a positive note when they travel to Princeton for a season-ending four game series.

    While the coach admitted that this has been a tough season, he sees no reason why the Red and Blue cannot return to the elite of the Ivy League next season.

    "Almost everyone's coming back, and we've got a good recruiting class coming in," Seddon said. "This year, we knew that we had a long road ahead of us, with seven starters gone, and all the pitchers except for [Bill] Kirk.

    "But there's not a lot of difference between the top and bottom in this league. You can go from bottom to top in one year. We've done that before."

    Seddon is referring to the 1988 team, a squad that rebounded from a 2-12 league finish in 1987 to win the Eastern Intercollegiate Baseball League with a 14-4 record. The EIBL consisted of the current Ivy League squads plus Army and Navy and was in existence until 1992.

    But that was 16 years ago. Many have questioned the 69-year-old coach's ability to lead the team on the field and some have suggested that it is time for the skipper to take an emeritus position in the Penn athletic department.

    But for now, that does not appear to be in Seddon's plans.

    "I'll definitely be back next season," Seddon said. "That's in stone. I will have a meeting with the athletic director after the season, but I've made a decision. That's all I'm going to say right now."

    One of Seddon's motivations for returning is his optimism that better things are on the way for his team.

    With only three seniors on this year's squad -- third baseman Mike Goldblatt, designated hitter Jon Slaughter and utility man Graham Bangert, the team will return mostly intact.

    As for the pitching, the achilles heel of this year's club, it could hardly get any worse. The staff is currenming increasingly resigned to losing Paul Pogba in 2020.While they're determined to keep hold of the Frenchman in January, United directors accept they'll lose the midfielder next summer, says Tuttosport.Indeed, in Turin, there's confidence that Unittly sporting an unsightly 7.42 ERA, and lately the performances have been Nabil Fekir can leave this summer.Liverpool were poised to land Fekir last summer before negotiations broash.And afterwards, Salah was seen posing for a photo with a group of DR Congo players and coaching staff following the final whistle at the Cairo International Stadium.After the snap was taken Salah applauded fans, who will have been pleased to see ke down at the eleventh hour amid fears about the Frenchman's knee.But he has continued to be linked with a move away from Lyon and Liverpool ar getting worse rather than better.

    This week the Quakers gave up 10 and 12 runs, respectively, to city rivals St. Joseph's and Temple. Neither one of those teams have the reputation of an offensive powerhouse.

    "If you don't pitch, you don't win," Seddon said. "Right now we're developing a pitching staff. We've already got [Brian] Cirri, [Josh] Appell and [Brian] Winings, and that's a pretty good start.

    "But we need more than three, four or five good pitchers. Then we'll be successful. But right now, that's not the case."

    Some of those close to the team have reasoned that with the season already unraveling, it is time for more freshmen to get playing time.

    While first-year pitchers Joe Thornton and Drew Matheson already receiving extensive time on the mound, young position players have found at-bats to be more scarce.

    But, as always, Seddon found a way to explain his tactics.

    "It's hard to play freshmen," Seddon said. "There isn't an impact freshman on this team. People have to wait their turn. [Junior] Evan Sobel waited two years. This year he's been our most improved player."

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  • Lhotak latest Penn defender injured


    Even before the season started, Penn lost key players on its defense in senior safety Kevin Stefanski and senior defensive end Kyle Chaffin. For at least the next three weeks, they will be even more short-handed.

    The Quakers lost their third defensive starter this season when senior co-captain Steve Lhotak strained the medial collateral ligament in his right knee Saturday against Lehigh.

    Lhotak was an all-Ivy performer at linebacker a year ago for Penn.

    After the senior exited the game in the first quarter, the Quakers' defense managed to regroup. Despite giving up 24 points in the first half, the Engineers were held scoreless in the second.

    Penn coach Al Bagnoli said that Lhotak will miss the next three games -- Dartmouth, Bucknell and Columbia -- and hopefully return against Yale on Oct. 25.

    "We're keeping our fingers crossed that four weeks is very realistic," Bagnoli said.

    Lhotak underwent MRI, which confirmed that there was no ligament damage.

    Sophomore defensive back Michael Johns also strained his MCL three weeks ago, and began practicing yesterday.

    Junior starmier League is an ambition.Wilson, 23, was released by Manchester United over the summer.He told the the Aberdeen-striker-James-Wilson-sights-set-Premier-League-return.html">Daily MailAberdeen-striker-James-Wilson-sights-set-Premier-League-return.htmting linebackers Luke Hadden and Ric San Doval will see extra time with Lhotak out. Sophomore linebackers Chad Slapnicka and Al Wawszczyk will be the primary backups.

    Both Hadden and San Doval believe that Lhotak's influence on the team will continue despite his absence oalready found a way around the new wall law for victory over Norwich City.Revised laws have been brought in for the 2019-20 season, which include preventing opposition players from interfering with the defensive team's wall.When Liverpool won a free-n the field.

    "Steve is helping us through it all," San Doval said. "Today, he helped Luke and me with the clarity of the calls -- the little things.

    "I'm sure he'll be there for us until he's back on the field."

    But as much as his advice may help his teammates, Lhotak's presence on the field will surely be missed.

    "It's a huge loss," Hadden said. "He's our best defensive player and a team leader."

    San Doval echoed Hadden's sentiments.

    "Obviously it's a huge loss for us," he said. "Not only is he an emotional leader out there, but anytime you lose your captain, it's tough because you have to step it up," San Doval said.

    Penn did just that Saturday against Lst from Liverpool's preseason after the Copa America final.The Brazil stars will play Peru in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.Jurgen Klopp has told them to take three weeks rest after the match, which means they will link up with their teammates at the end ehigh. The defense shut out Lehigh in the second half, sparking a 14-point comeback.

    "We still have our confidence," Hadden said. "Lhotak went down at the beginning of the game last week and we still managed to pull it out."

    This week, Penn's defense will be tested again, facing a Dartmouth team that features first-team All-Ivy and second-team All-America tight end Casey Cramer.

    "He's a really good player," Bagnoli said. "Our outside linebacker has got to look at him, our inside linebacker has got to look at him and our secondary."

    With all of the defensive injuries, Penn's young players will receive more playing time.

    "We have an awful lot of young kids that are being asked to do some things probably at the beginning of the year none of us thought they would be asked to do," Bagnoli said. "But that's the situation we find ourselves in.

    "There are certainly capable players and we have confidence in them."

    San Doval noted that on one play in the second half of the Lehigh game, there were nine sophomores and juniors for Penn on defense.

    The young players "played quite a bit during the Lehigh game against a very potent offense and they held up," Bagnoli said. "We'll keep our fingers crossed that they'll keep playing well and stay healthy."

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  • Seddon confused, corks team's aluminum bats


    (This article appeared in the 3/31/03 joke issue)

    In an exclusive interview with local CBS sports anchor Beasley Reese, Penn baseball coach Bob Seddon disclosed the secrets to his success and longevity.

    Seddon recently eclipsed the 600-win mark with a victory over Columbia in his 33rd year as head coach of the Quakers.

    "The greatest pleasure that I have had as coach is to cork the bats of my players' over years," Seddon said. "There's really nothing like getting the old blow torch out to fill up some aluminum with solid cork."

    The admission left Reese dumfounded as to the reason one would fill an aluminum bat with cork to gain an advantage.

    "Why on Earth would you do such a thing?" Reese inquired.

    "It's all about tradition, the cork is a sense of pride that I feel will be instilled in my players through its ps Callum Hudson-Odoi is recovering well after being diagnosed with coronavirus.The winger was the first Premier League player to be diagnosed with the illness.Lampard said: "I'm happy to say that in Callum's case, he has made great progress and almosresence," Seddon remarked.

    Reese, still visibly perplexed by the coach's remarks, asked Seddon if he had any other secrets to his success on the diamond.

    "Gargling a variety of liquids in the dugout has also given me much happiness over the years," Seddon declared. "Some guys like chewing tobacco, bubble gum, or sunflower seeds, but for me there is nothing quite like gargling a V-8 or an RC Cola with the bases loaded."

    At this point in the interview, Reese ceased to ask any more questions, but Seddon continued on with his banter. Seddon declared that his previous position as head coach of the men's soccer team in the sixties prepared him immensely for his current position.

    "Soccer and baseball are indelibly alike," Seddon said. "I just couldn't give you a reason why."

    Reese's facial expressions told the story as he ended the interview and thanked the coach with a truly surprised look on his face.

    When reached for comment, his players were not taken off guard by Seddon's remarks.

    "Coach Seddon has been gargling strawberry Kwik for years," senior Steve Glass said. "It's just something that comes with the territory when you play for him."

    "For the most part, I don't really understandr Owen Hargreaves feels they're asking too much of Marcus Rashford.Speaking to Premier League Productions, Hargreaves said he has has doubts over whether Rashford can fill the forward void left by the summer departure of Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan. most of what Coach Seddon says or does," se has again declared his former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho will bring success to Tottenham.Bale is happy to see Mourinho in charge of Spurs.And he stated: "The fact that Mourinho has arrived is a strong and clear message from the club. "José is nior Nick Italiano said. "But when at the end of the day, we come out with a win, it really doesn't matter if coach is gargling egg nog during the seventh-inning stretch or not."

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  • Marlins agree to terms with Miguel Olivo; Rockies sign Aaron Cook


    The agreed to terms with catcher Miguel Olivo, according to CBSSports.com's Jon Heyman. says the deal is worth $800,000, though the team can release him after 45 days and not owe him the rest of his salary.

    Olivo, 34, hit .222/.239/.381 with 12 homers in 87 games for the last season. He will serve as 's backup in Miami, a job former first-rounder was expected to hold. Olivo played with the Marlins from 2006-07.

    The Rockies, meanwhile, have signed right-hander Aaron Cook to a minor-league contract, according to Heyman. He pitched for Colorado from 2002-11.

    Cook, 34, went 4-11 with a 5.65 ERA for the Red Sox last president Jean Michel Aulas has revealed Karim Benzema turned down a bigger offer from Manchester United to sign for Real Madrid.Benzema moved to Real ten years ago, having also been courted by former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.Aulas recalled: season, his only big-league season with a non-Rockies team. Since 2010, he's gone 13-29 with a 5.54 ERA. The sinkerballer will give Colorado the star of the show in Arsenal's 3-2 win over Vitoria on Thursday.Down 2-1, the substitute showed his cree-year shirt sponsorship deal with online broker Easy Markets worth a reported €2 million (US$2.2 million) per season, reports, /.For the past two seasons Green Earth, an environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency company, has been Betis' main sponslass with two superb free-kicks to give Arsenal all three points in the Europa League encounter.Nicolas Pepe Scores a screamerSuch beauty pic.twisome Triple-A pitching depth.

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