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  • Meet the 33 newcomers introduced as Penn football's 2019 recruiting class


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    As Penn football bids adieu to its senior class, there will be a new set of incoming freshmen in the class of 2023 to fill its place.

    The Red and Blue will welcome 33 new players to the team this August. Overall, th refused to rule out a return to Newcastle United.With the Magpies having a vacancy in the managerial position after the departure of Rafa Benitez, Barton has been linked to the role.He is currently at Fleetwood Town, where he helped them to 11th plae split between offensive and defensive players is almost even, with 18 defensive players and 14 offensive players. There will be one punter joining the team.

    The most represented positional groups are the linebackers and defensive linemen with seven newcomers each.

    The 33 new players represent 16 states, with four each coming from , Pennsylvania and Virginia.

    Four of the new Quakers have a familial connection to Penn football through their fathers who played for the Red and Blue a generation ago. One, local Ben Gerber, who hails from the Haverford School, is the third generation of Penn football players in his family. Gerber, who is also the lone quarterback in the class, will follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps.

    Two of the new recruits, punter Ben Krimm and linebacker/lineman Ryan Mannelly, both have a family member who played in the NFL.

    Three of the 33 will be playing with a former high school teammate. Defensive lineman Grant Ristoff will be playing with five other players from his high school, JSerra Catholic in California.

    The class of 2023 brings leadership experience to Penn, as 28 of the 33 players served as team captains for their respective high school teams.

    “I think having to hold yourself to a high standard helped prepare me. College is more difficult than high school, so having to be held to a really high standard at high school will help me get more used to the high standards at college,” defensive back Miles Thompson said.

    While coach Ray Priore and the Quakersar Solskjaer as manager.Despite United's torrid end to the campaign, Nani believes Solskjaer can guide the club back to glory.The Orlando City ace, who spent eight years at Old Trafford, said: “He's been there in the past.He told Omnisport: "Obviou have plenty to advertise to new recruits, at least one member of the class of 2023 was sold by the family culture.

    “The moment I realized that Penn was the place that I wanted to be, I was on a game day visit. I went down to the field after one of the games to shake the hand of one of the coaches, and I remember seeing one of the coaches go up and give a hug to one of the moms of [a] player. I remember seeing that and being like 'it’s a family.' It is a lot different than a lot of other places I’ve been to. And that is something that I want to be a part of,” offensive lineman JC Dobis said.

    One of Penn’s new players is from another institution. Wide receiver Owen Goldsberry will be arriving in Philadelphia after spending the 2018 season on the Michigan Wolverines scout team.

    Priore will look to fill the large gap left by the graduation of offensive lineman . Five new offensive lineman — the most of any offensive position group — will join the competition for the position in the fall.

    “I think everyone’s goal coming in is playing, contributing as much as possible, so that’s obviously something that I want to do," Dobis said. "It is something that I have been working for since my senior high school season ended. Just being able to compete so that is the goal.”

    This class of 2023 is setting its goals very high, and the Red and Blue will look get the most out of their new players. The Quakers will hope to rebound from last season and bring home their third Ivy League championship in the Ray Priore era.

    “[One of the] team goals is to win the Ivy League Championship because I have heard that Penn has a winning tradition in the Ivy League, and it would be great to carry on that tradition. Personally, for me, [my goal is to be] working my hardest and doing whatever I can to help out the team,” outside linebacker Jake Gonzalez said.

    These incoming freshmen are ready for August. Football season can’t come soon enough.

    “I am super excited to get up there and get to work, get on campus and become a part of the culture,” Dobis said.

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  • As college football attendance drops nationwide, Penn gets creative to keep fans coming


    It's never exciting to play at home in front of an empty stadium.

    Overall, college football has seen a steady decline in game attendance, and Penn is all too familiar with this issue.

    For the seventh time in eight yummer's departure.After helping the Blues win the Europa League in May, the influential playmaker made a £150million switch to the Bernabeu just a few days later.Hazard said, "When he finished the World Cup in Russia I wanted to go to Madrid, I had ears, national college football attendance has fallen. While 41,856 seems like a large number, this marks an all-time low since 1996 for average college football attendance among all 129 FBS programs last season.

    “Traditionally, we see spikes in student attendance for the first game of the season — a game that coincides with Family Weekend — and Homecoming," said Mike Honeywell, Penn's director of ticket sales & service. "Overall, attendance is traditionally higher in years where Princeton travels to Franklin Field."

    During the 2018 season, the Red and Blue only surpassed the 10,000-fan mark twice. These were games against and , which had 10,126 and 13,224 fans, respectively.

    For the rivalry game, only 7,756 people filed into the stands. This marks a stark decline from 2017's Penn-Princeton game, where 9,073 fans attended.

    While Penn placed second in the Ivy League — behind only Harvard — at an average of 7,768 people per home game, the national champion Clemson Tigers averaged a whopping 80,400 people per home game at Death Valley.

    In 2016 — the last time Penn football won a title — the average home game attendance was 5,560 people per game, which marked the third lowest weekly attendance in the Ancient Eight. Even in a year, when the Quakers were able to win a title, they still struggled to fill the stadium.

    This could be due in part to Ivy League rules, which stipulate that teams can only play 10 games each season. Clemson and Alabama each played 150% of the games Penn did last season. While was initiated to lower the risk of concussions, it also leaves fans fewer opportunities to make it out to games.

    In 2009, the Red and Blue averaged 10,600 people per game, which placed them third among Ivies behind Harvard and Yale. The title-winning Alabama Crimson Tide averaged 92,012 people per game that same year.

    During the rivalry game of Penn-Princeton in 2009, 14,027 fans showed up to Franklin Field —a sharp increase from recent years.

    In the last decade, Penn football has seen a drop of about 3,000 fans per game. While the average for the Red and Blue in 2009 was about 10,000 fans per game, they only surpassed that number twice last season.

    Another issue for the Quakers and the Ivy League is the lack of postseason play. The Ivy League has a rule in place that doesn’t allow for college playoffs, so an Ivy League squad's season finishes with the end of the regular season.

    Without a higher goal than the League title to play for, it may be harder to draw a large crowd, especially for teams who are eliminated early from contention. It's tough for the casual fan with no tie to the University to be interested in the Quakers with no chance of seeing the team compete beyond Thanksgiving.

    One way the football program is testing attendance levels is by experimenting with different start times for the games.

    “Over the past two seasons, we have also taken a deeper look into how kickoff times impact our attendance numbers," Honeywell said. “Our data shows that Penn footbalnter Milan boss Antonio Conte insists he's not panicking over their slow market.Conte is upset over Inter's failure to sign Roma striker Edin Dzeko or Manchester United's Romelu Lukaku.But he says, “I didn't have to be reassured.“The President, dl games draw better at two times in particular: Friday nights and Saturdays at 1 p.m. With this in mind, our kickoff times this season are all set for either 1 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays, with the exception of the Dartmouth game on Friday night."

    Additionally, this trend is somewhat due to the rise of sports media. While attendance at games has been down, television ratings are stronger than ever; many fans don’t see the benefit of going to a game when they could watch it from the comfort of their own home.

    Another issue for the Red and Blue is the lack of fans showing up to multiple games in a season. The football program is trying out new programs this season like multi-game ticket packages in order to entice fans to show up to games.

    “Historical data has shown that we have a number of fans that attend multiple football games [but] do not buy season tickets," Honeywell said. “With this in mind, we created the Red [and] Blue package, an option which bundles the Sacred Heart and Cornell games together at a discounted rate. This allows our fans to attend both Homecoming and one additional game at a more affordable rate, which should hopefully boost attendance for bnzema back to the club.Juninho wants Benzema to end his career back with his former club.He explained, "My wish is to propose to Karim to finish his career in Lyon. "He is from here, he feels from here. Why not make an economic effort between both paoth games."

    Even though nationwide college football attendance is dropping, Penn is determined to find innovative ways to draw fans to Franklin Field.

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  • Penn Athletics declines to further comment on Jerome Allen investigation


    The scope of the Jerome Allen scandal expanded last week when he testified that Ira Bowman, Allen's former assistant coach, had knowledge of the payments, but on the implications of the revelation.

    Between 2013 and 2015, Allen, a former Penn men’s basketball coach and star player, in exchange for naming a prospective student a recruited athlete. Penn Associate Athletic Director of Administration and Strategic Communications Kevin Bonner declined to provide information on the timeline, scope, or details of the investigation, only providing a general statement.

    “We were extremely disappointed to learn that Jerome Allen, former head men's basketball coach at Penn, accepted payments to recruit a potential student-athlete to Penn and concealed that conduct from the Athletic Department and University administration,” Bonner wrote on March 12.

    “Until Jerome’s testimony last week, we also were unaware that former assistant men’s basketball coach Ira Bowman had any relevant knowledge of the matter. The University has been cooperating fully with the government and the NCAA so that the matter is appropriately redressed."

    Bonner declined to expand on the statement to clarify what was meant by the phrases “cooperating fully” and “appropriately redressed."

    Penn Athletics has not confirmed to The Daily Pennsylvanian if the Chuck Smrt investigation remains open or what its scope covered. On Oct. 8, Penn released a statement to the saying that the “independent review” was in its , but that they could not comment until “that process is finalized.”

    “Penn thoroughly reviewed everything surrounding the situation, and as soon as we're at liberty to proceed forward, after that part of the trial at least, we will,” Athletics Director M. Grace Calhoun said .

    “It really comes down to whether the school knew or should have known,” Miami-based collegiate sports lawyer said. “If they didn’t know and couldn’t have known and [Allen] really did a serious job of trying to conceal it, then the school’s culpability obviously goes down dramatically to the point where they might not even have an NCAA violation.

    “It’s [a question of] how did it happen and did the school know about it. Someone in compliance: Should they or could they have done more?”

    It remains unclear when Penn Athletics will release the findings of the investigation, which began three days after the allegations against Allen broke in July.

    “[The investigation] could take a year; it could take less. It just depends on how much information they’re trying to obtain and how cooperative people are being, but these things do tend to take longer than you’d expect,” Setchen said.

    There is a potential statute of limitations issue if the investigation takes that long. According to the , the typical statute of limitations for violations is four years, which for this case would be sometime in 2019. There is, however, an exception to the statute of limitations that may apply if the NCAA finds that the rules violation consisted of “a blatant disregard for certain fundamental rules (recruirs finished with nine men as they suffered a fifth defeat in sixth ahead of their Champions League semi-final second leg at Ajax.Heung-Min Son, back in the team after suspension, and Juan Foyth, just 135 seconds after coming on, both saw red at the Vting, extra benefits, academics, ethical conduct).”

    On Wednesday, Bowman was suspended by his current school, Auburn, where he is currently an assistant coach. Bowman after being hired by Auburn in July, two weeks before allegations that Allen accepted bribes went public.

    Bowman’s involvement came through Allen and involved both knowledge of and participation in the payments, reported. After Allen was fired in March 2015, he created an additional account for Esformes to wire money to and provided Bowman with a debit card to access the account.

    “[The testimony that Bowman was involved] opens a whole new can of worms because there’s a new coaching administration involved. Now you have to go interview them,” Setchen said.ol.Now 22, Gomes left Villarreal for Liverpool at 16.He told Marca: "I did not agree with Villarreal to renew and the truth is that I always wanted to go to England. "And if it was also a club like Liverpool... It was an incredible experience."I talk

    Neither the NCAA nor Ivy League have announced any investigation into the Allen scandal or any of the other bribery admission scandals that implicated Georgetown, Yale, and Stanford among other schools. If they an Smith recognises the pressure he feels being in charge at Villa Park.Smith is a lifelong Villa fan and knows the expectations around the club."Being a head coach or manager of Aston Villa, there is always going to be pressure there," he told Sky Sdo, it is possible that they would recommend sanctions against Penn men’s basketball, Penn Athletics, or both.

    “There are clearly NCAA violations. There’s no doubt that the violation occurred,” Setchen said. “The question now would be what is [Penn's] culpability in that and what would be the penalty for it.”

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  • The competition before the competition: nearly all of Penn wrestling's starting spots are up for grabs


    Sometimes coaches say every spot is up for grabs, even if they don’t mean it.

    Penn wrestling coach Roger Reina is not one of those coaches.

    Other than the 285-pound weight class, which features only one grappler in freshman Ben Goldin, every dual meet starting spot is truly up for grabs.

    “[With] the nature of the team that we have this year, we have a lot of unanswered questions in each of those weights,” Reina said. "Typically we’d have a set of core returning guys like last year when we had returning NCAA qualifiers Frank Mattiace and May [Bethea] and Joe Heyob. This year, we have a lot of new faces with the incoming freshmen, a nationally ranked class."

    As it stands now, the current freshman class has a chance to occupy seven of the 10 starting dual meet spots. Aside from Goldin, Carmen Ferrante at 125 pounds, Doug Zapf at 133 pounds, and Anthony Artalona at 149 pounds, are the current frontrunners to start at their respewster a Champions League medal.Murphy is unhappy hearing Brewster has paraded his Champions League winner's medal on Instagram and Twitter despite not having played a single minute of senior football.Murphy told talkSPORT, “That's ludicrous. What ective weights.

    Ferrante and Zapf are attempting to unseat returning starters from last season.

    Ferrc Fabregas has heaped praise on youngster Billy Gilmour.Monaco ace Fabregas hailed Gilmour after his starring role in Chelsea's 7-1 Carabao Cup win over Grimsby Town.Fabregas tweeted: "He played amazing tonight. "Personality is the most important at ante, the No. 18 ranked recruit in the country at 132 pounds, according to InterMat, will attempt to replace sophomore Daniel Planta, currently dealing with an injury and unable to compete at the Keystone Classic this weekend. As a starter, he posted a record of 2-3 in dual meets before missing two months of last season to injury. A strong performance from Ferrante this weekend could make it tough for Planta to hold off the talented freshman.

    Zapf, one of the best grapplers in Pennsylvania high school wrestling history, currently holds the top spot in the 133-pound weight class with sophomore Gianni Ghione nursing an injury. Ghione, a 2017-18 second team All-Ivy selection, was the strongest performer in last year’s freshman class, posting an overall record of 16-9 overall and 11-4 in dual meets. Despite last season’s accolades, Ghione is not a lock to start, and like Planta, could fall further behind in the race depending on Zapf’s performance this weekend.

    Artalona does not have a returning starter to compete against, with senior Joe Oliip says last season's title collapse is driving them on this season.Cameroon international Matip was left heartbroken by Liverpool's failure to win the Premier League last season, having missed out by a point to Manchester City .But he insists that hva electing to put on more weight to compete in the 157-pound weight class. The No. 7 ranked wrestler in his class by FloWrestling, Artalona has capitalized on the opening created by Oliva's change.

    According to Reina, Artalona is a near lock to start; barring injury, though, fellow freshman Jeremy Ridge and junior Jake Lizak are still in the competition.

    Oliva’s move to 157 pounds will not guarantee him a starting spot. Junior Jon Errico, who challenged Oliva for the starting spot last year, will once again push the senior captain.

    “The sport of wrestling always requires continued hard work, discipline. You've always got to improve year to year,” Oliva said, on once again battling for his starting spot. “We always have a lot of talent in the room, and everyone contributes in different ways, but at the end of the day, there’s going to be 10 guys that compete in dual meets.”

    The most wide open weight class is at 184 pounds. It features a tight three-way battle between sophomore Ryan Farber, junior Jalen Laughlin, and senior Robert Ng. All three struggled at points last season, posting a combined record of 3-18, though Laughlin only wrestled in three matches.

    With no clear frontrunner, Reina is eager to use the upcoming tournament as another evaluative tool in determining the eventual starter.

    “This weekend at the Keystone we can enter as many guys per weight as we like,” Reina said. "Our selection process for who ends up getting the starting nods is a combination of the Michigan State Open, the wrestle-offs we’ve had this past weekend, and then the Keystone Classic. Then we are going to evaluate based on that body of work who will be starting in dual meets.”

    The only other three-way battle for a starting spot occurs at the 197-pound weight class between seniors Patrik Garren and Tyler Hall, in addition to freshman Greg Bensley. Hall had a far better record than Garren in dual meets last season even before Garren went down with a season-ending injury. Still, neither are entrenched as starters, giving Bensley a chance to overtake both of the upperclassmen come dual meet season.

    With the graduation of a number of all-time greats in addition to the influx of talented freshmen, Reina will have a lot of tough decisions to make when selecting the 10 starters. With the first dual meet only a week and a half after the Keystone Classic, the upcoming slate of matches could go a long way in determining how Reina and his staff fill out the lineup.

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  • How teams around Penn Athletics spectrum fared over Fling weekend


    It was a busy Fling weekend outdoors for Penn's athletes as men's golf, men's and women's tennis, rowing, and track and field were all in action. Here's all the details from the weekend.

    In its final weekend of play before the Ivy League Championships, Penn men’s golf finished in 5th place among 15 teams at the Yale Spring Invitational. As a team, the Quakers shot a 300 on the first 18 and a 293 on the second, resulting in an overall score of 33 shots over par.The University of Tennessee took home the team championship, shooting a 5-over 565 on the day. The rest of the Ivy League finished relatively close to Penn, with Yale coming in 2nd with a 16-over 576, Cornell coming in 4th with a 31-over 591, and Brown coming in 7th with a 40-over 600.The Red and Blue had to overcome a rough showing in the first 18 holes after finding themselves in 11th at the halfway point. Junior Josh Goldenberg shined the brightest in the first round, shooting a 2-over 72, which was tied for 13th out of 89 golfers. Senior Amay Poria shot well in the second round as well, earning an even par 70, which was the tied for the second best score for that round.In the end, Goldenberg and Poria tied for seventh among 89 golfers, leading the way for the Quakers to finish in a respectable 5th place overall. All eyes will now be looking toward the Ivy Championships, which will be hosted at Stonewall Links in Elverson, Pa. from Apr. 20–22. After finishing the season with good results in its past three tournaments, Penn men’s golf will be aiming to knock off the favorites and claim the Ivy title.

    Going into the weekend with only one conference loss, Penn men’s tennis (13-10, 2-1 Ivy) was he will find solutions to the team's problems in the next few days.The Toffees face one of thng Xavi Simons to PSG.The 16 year-old quit Barca for PSG this week in a blaze publicity.But a La Masia insider told Le Parisien: "All the coaches were not in agreement about him. Some believed in him, others thought he would have trouble reaching thee most important games of their season - a Merseyside derby against Liverpool on Wednesday.Silva knows that a poor result and performance against their fierlooking to sweep its matches this weekend and take control of the Ivy League. They did just that, beating Brown 4-1 on Friday and Yale 5-2 on Saturday. With the weekend sweep, the Quakers (15-10, 4-1 Ivy) put themselves in a position to win at least a share of the Ivy championship for the first time since 2007.In their matches against Brown on Friday, Penn singles players dominated to give the Red and Blue the victory. After the No. 1 and 3 doubles teams dropped their sets, Penn went into the singles matches down 1-0. No. 1 singles player Kyle Mautner won a close first set 7-5, then easily picked up the win with a 6-2 second set victory. Seniors Josh Pompan and Nicholai Westergaard and Freshman Noah Makarome all won their matches in straight sets as well to give the Red and Blue the win.In their final match at their home court, the Penn seniors rose to the occasion to secure the victory against the Bulldogs. Though the doubles teams were unable to win two of their three matches to earn a point, Pompan and Westergaard led the singles players with straight set victories. Makarome and Mautner notched straight-set victories as well before junior Dmitry Shatalin clinched the overall victory with a straight-set win.The Quakers will travel next weekend for matches against Dartmouth and Harvard. Another weekend sweep would clinch them at least a share of the Ivy title, their first since 2007 and just their 6th overall since 1956.

    Facing Brown and Yale this past weekend, Penn women’s tennis was looking for a weekend sweep to try to put itself in contention for the Ivy title. After falling short to Brown on Friday 5-2, the Quakers dominated Yale by a score of 6-1. Still, the weekend split pushes Penn (9-11, 2-3 Ivy) three matches behind both Harvard and Princeton, and with just two matches left, the highest it can aim for is third place on the season.Despite junior Marta Kowalska’s and freshman Marija Curnic’s ninth victory of the season at No. 3 doubles, Penn dropped the two other doubles matches, giving Brown the coveted doubles point. Kowalska and Curnic continued their impressive form, however this time in the singles matches. These two victories were not enough, though, as no other Quaker was able to earn a victory. Sophomore Ashley Zhu was the closest to winning Penn another point, taking her match all the way to a third set tiebreaker.Sunday's matches brought along a scoreline that the Quakers have not earned since 2009, beating Yale 6-1. The Red and Blue won the doubles point behind victories from the Kowalska/Curnic duo and OJ Singh’s and Jimena Rodriguez-Benito’s win at No. 3 doubles. After a default on court six and Yale’s only win of the day, it was all Penn until the last ball was bounced. Senior Ria Vaidya, Kowalska, Curnic, and Zhu all won in straight sets to give the Red and Blue the win.Penn will host Dartmouth and Harvard next weekend in what will be the seniors’ last matches at home in their collegiate career. Though Harvard is undefeated so far in Ivy play, Penn will be looking to repeat its success against the Crimson from the ECAC Championships in February.

    With three different rowing teams competing in three different competitions this weekend, Penn rowing was expecting success. The women competed at the Knecht Cup in West Windsor, NJ. The men’s heavyweight and lightweight teams both rowed in Leonia, NJ, with the heavyweights participating in the Blackwell Cup and the lightweights in the Marcellus Hartley Dodge Cup.The women were the big winners, with Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 boats both taking home championships. After winning first place in their heat by less than two seconds, the Varsity 8 blew its opponents out of the water, finishing seven seconds ahead of second place Boston College. The Varsity 4 crew saw similar success, finishing in first place in both their heat and semifinal. In the Grand Final, Penn took home first, beating Boston College by two seconds.Second Varsity 8 almost made it three championships for the Red and Blue. Though they finished 3rd in their heat, they were fast enough to make it to the Grand Final later in the day. Here, they were narrowly edged by Boston College in a photo finish. Boston College’s time of 6:45.59 barely beat out Penn’s time of 6:45.63. Varsity 4B saw itself in a similar position as the Second Varsity 8. They made their way to the Grand Final after finishing 3rd in their heat. Here, they took home third place, finishing seven seconds behind Temple and Kansas, respectively.In a meet between three schools - Penn, Yale, and Columbia - the Quakers took 3rd place in two races in the Blackwell Cup. In the Varsity 8 race, Yale was the runaway winner, finishing in 5:53.5. Columbia narrowly took home second place, beating Penn by 1.1 seconds with a time of 6:07.4. Penn’s Second Varsity 8 did not find any more luck in their race. Again, Yale finished in first, this time 15 seconds ahead of second place Columbia and 21 seconds faster than the Quakers.Competing in the same river, Penn’s lightweight crew also went up against Yale and Columbia. It was just not the Quakers’ day, as they also finished third among the three teams. Though Columbia took home the Varsity 8 race and Yale won the Third Varsity 8 and Fourth Varsity 8 races, Penn was able to snag second place in the Second Varsity 8 race. They finished seven seconds behind winner Columbia and three seconds ahead of Yale.Both mens’ crew teams will be in action next weekend. The heavyweights will travel to Annapolis to race against Navy and Harvard in the Adams Cup. The lightweights will be hosted by their New Jersey-rivals, taking on Princeton and Georgetown in the Wood-Hammond Cup. The women will take the weekend off to prepare for the Dale England Cup at Indiana University.

    Both men's and women's track and field squads faced a busy weekend, with athletes competing in the Tennessee Relays, the Temple Invitational, and the Bison Outdoor Classic at Bucknell University. In Knoxville, TN, the Quakers saw some impressive runs, highlighted by Freshman Uchechi Nwogwugwu’s third-place finish in the women’s 400m, with a school record time of 53.17. In the women’s 800m, Nia Akins and Mikayla Schneider finished in 4th and 5th place, respectively, with Akins earning the second fastest time in program history with a 2:06.74. Sophomore Breanne Bygrave, found herself in the top-10 in both the 100m hurdles and 400m hurdles while Taylor McCorkle finished tenth in the 100m. Penn’s 4x400m relay was good for fourth place with a time of 3:37.77.In the field, Penn earned a second-place finish by Ashley Anumba in the discus throw with a score of 52.41m. The Red and Blue also earned a fifth-place finish in the high jump as Anna Payton Malizia finished at 1.70 m. For the men, Calvary Rogers tied a program record in the 200m with a time of 20.90, which was good for tied for 5th place. Freshman Marvin Morgan earned tenth place in the 100m. The Quakers found even more success in the field. Evan Lee won second place in the decathlon, winning three of the ten events. Lance Yassay tied for third place in the high jump with a height of 2.12m. Also, Cristian Constantin finished in 5th place in the triple jump with a jumo of 15.51m.At the Temple Invitational, Penn track and field performed exceptionally well. The mens’ field members placed first in four events, second in four events, and third in three events. Senior Ian Kirk earned first place in the high jump with a height of 1.99m. Senior Michael Benz won the pole vault with a height of 4.70m, good for first place. Freshman Chr the January transfer window.Spurs are enduring a complicated start to the season.Last season's Champions League finalists lie in seventh position in the Premier League and are already five points off a top four spot."We are not going to get any benudi Ikpeazu won first in the shot put with a toss of 15.89m, and senior Sean Ryan won first in the hammer throw with a distance of 58.83m.The women were equally impressive; their field athletes placed first in four events, second in three events, and third in one event. Sophomore Katherine Schroeder earned first place in the pole vault with a height of 3.80m. Senior Devinne Miller took home first place honors in the long jump with a distance of 5.48m. The lady Quakers swept the shot put category, with sophomore Maura Kimmel edging out her teammates with a toss of 15.55m. Kimmel also won the discus throw, with a distance of 53.82m.Out of seven teams, Penn women's track and field won second place behind Temple University. On the men' side, the Quakers also earned second place out of seven teams. Villanova won first place.Penn’s distance runners took to the track at Bucknell. In the 3000m steeplechase, Colin Daly stood out with a third place finish in a time of 8:57.23. Colin's twin brother Will Daly finished just a second behind his brother.Both men's and women's track and field will be in action next week at the Larry Ellis Invitational hosted by Princeton University. A week after that will be the Penn Relays at Franklin Field.

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  • Penn basketball assistant Mihalich Jr. blazes his own trail


    The mystique of Philadelphia college basketball has been well-documented — with the Palestra earning the designation of the nation’s most “Hallowed Hall” in a Dec. 2014 NCAA.com feature — and that allure makes it quite difficult for local figures to stay away.

    For Penn men’s basketball, consider Joe Mihalich Jr. the latest victim.

    Hired in April to serve under first-year head coach Steve Donahue, the Philadelphia native is back in town, immediately jumping into the school’s efforts to rebuild what was once Penn Athletics’ premier program into a perennial powerhouse again.

    “It’s a day-by-day process, and we just try to compete every single day,” said Mihalich, who was an assistant at Division III Scranton (Pa.) from 2011-15. “Our culture is definitely growing, heading in the direction that we want it go.”

    As is natural in the world of Philadelphia basketball, the relationship between Mihalich and Donahue goes back far further than their 10-month partnership at Penn.

    Donahue, also born in Philadelphia, was an assistant coach for the Red and Blue from 1990 to 2000, contributing to five Ivy League titles in that time. Meanwhile, Mihalich’s father, Joe Sr., was an assistant coach at local rival La Salle from 1981 to 1998. For the younger Joe, childhood was filled with passionate Big 5 rivalry games pitting his father and his future boss against one another.

    “I remember being a waterboy for one of my dad’s teams and meeting Coach Donahue, and he was great to me,” Mihalich said. “Then we crossed paths in the basketball world when I was coming up.”

    Driven by a pair of tempting offers, both coaches would go their separate ways, with Mihalich Sr. taking the head coach position at Niagara in 1998 and Donahue at Cornell in 2000. After moving to New York, Mihalich — who admittedly “wasn’t good enough or smart enough to go to Cornell, Penn, or any other Ivy League school” — played at D-III Nazareth (N.Y.) from 2005-09.

    Still, even with all three parties headed on their own respective paths to the Empire State, the relationship between them continued.

    “I enjoyed watching his Cornell teams [which won three Ivy League titles from 2008-10] and rooting for him, and afterwards I followed him at Boston College too,” Mihalich said. “In the basketball world, especially in the Philadelphia area, it’s a really tight-knit community, so both my dad and I absolutely kept in touch with [Donahue] throughout.”

    Immediately after his playing career concluded, Mihalich became a graduate assistant for Villanova before gaining his first coaching position at Scranton, where the program went 89-25 and won three Landmark Conference titles in his four-year tenure there. Basketball was an integral part of Mihalich’s life from day one, and that passion hasn’t remotely faded as he’s embarked on the journey from fan to player to coach.

    “I was always in my dad’s office — I had to work really hard to be a very mediocre basketball player, so I was always in the gym dribbling and shooting. When your dad’s the coach, you always have the keys,” Mihalich said. “I remember hanging out in the office with him, remember thinking that it never seemed like work. ... So I knew that getting into coaching could be something that I’d really enjoy.”

    The elder Mihalich offers a ready-made mentor for his son, having put together a quite impressive resume since leaving La Salle. In 15 seasons with Niagara, he led the Purple Eagles to NCAA Tournament appearances in 2005 and 2007 before taking over at Hofstra in 2013.

    “I would be thrilled to work for my dad, and I think that would be really cool,” Mihalich said. “But the best advice I’ve ever gotten about coaching is that you just worry about the job you got right now.

    “We plan, and God laughs,” he added.

    Indeed, focusing on the present job might be the only feasible option for a kid who was literally kicking and screaming for the opportunity to return to the Cathedralan Dijk says they're unharmed from last season's Premions League final against Tottenham.It was Mohamed Salah, such a disconsolate figure when he was injured early in that loss to Real Madrid, who set Liverpool on their way with a penalty after two minutes when Moussa Sissoko was contentiously punishedier League title heartbreak.Van Dijk believes that ­Liverpool's Champions League ­success healed the scars of losing the Premier League title today's opponents Manchester City on the final day.He of College Basketball.

    “When I first got offered this job, my mom told me this story where she was pregnant and walked into the Palestra for a game, and she said she could feel me kicking as she walked into the gym. Now that might just be a ‘Mom’ story, but I always thought that was pretty cool,” Mihalich said. “The Big 5 is the coolest basketball conference in the country. Being a part of that really is a dream come true, and it’s always been where I wanted to be.”

    The decision to hire Mihalich didn’t seem difficult for Donahue, as his appointment was announced only 17 days after Donahue’s own. Factoring in both the family-friendship and the basketball body of work from Mihalich, he was a no-brainer for Donahue to fill his final assistant coaching position.

    “It starts with the fact that I’m a very good friend of his father’s, and I’ve known Joe [Jr.] since he was a baby,” Donahue said. “He understands how hard you have to work to be a coach.”

    Although Mihalich is in his first coaching role at a D-I school, the adjustment process has been going smoothly for the youngest of the program’s four coaches. Joining a staff of assistants that includes 1996 Ivy League Player of the Year Ira Bowman and Nat Graham — who also played for Donahue at Penn before coaching under him at both Cornell and Boston — there’s a huge sense of familiarity between Donahue and his three proteges, an arrangement that isn’t accidental by any means.

    “It absolutely helps having two guys like Ira and Nat,” Mihalich said. “I just try to fill in the cracks wherever I can, just try to follow their lead and be a part of what they’re doing,” he added. “But having them around is unbelievable for me and the players.”

    While Mihalich is the Quakers’ only coach to not have played or coached at the school prior to this season, it didn’t take long for the first-year assistant to immediately assert himself on a staff stocked with Red and Blue legends.

    “Joe has incredible energy 24 hours a day, and I think that’s the thing the guys love about him,” Donahue said. “He’s always upbeat, 100 percent ready to go, and he’s younger, he’s single, so he probably relates to the players a little better. Whether it’s basketball issues or personal issues, he’s someone they can go to and talk to a little differently than the other assistants and myself.”

    For a Penn program on pace to miss the NCAA Tournament for the ninth consecutive season after making 22 of 38 between 1970 and 2007, all hands will be needed on deck to orchestrate a return to relevancy. With the vibrant and passionate Mihalich joining a coaching staff comprised of two proven players and an eight-time Ancient Eight champion running the ship, the Red and Blue mayhree brothers now playing pro football.Chris, formerly of Arsenal's academy, has now joined West Bromwich Albion on loan from Benfica, while Matty has moved from Manchester United to League One side Gillingham.Willock told arsenal.com: "My dad deals have found their secret ingredient.

    “His engagement level is off the charts, and he loves what he does every day,” Donahue said. “Whether it’s running camps or getting scouts, everything is done right and 100 percent.

    “And some day, I think he’s going to make a great head coach.”

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  • Penn swimming takes down Cornell, falls to Princeton


    “Unfortunately you don’t get to play defense in swimming.”

    That was how coach Mike Schnur described Penn’s tri-meet against Cornell and Princeton this weekend. While the Quakers were able to record some impressive times on Saturday and were easily able to handle the Big Red, the Tigers were just too fast, handing both the men’s and women’s squads their first defeats of the season.

    For the women, a 200-100 victory over Cornell was offset by a 134-164 loss to Princeton, while the men notched a 217-83 win to go along with a 173.5-124.5 defeat.

    On the women’s side, Penn started the meet off hot by registering its first victory of the day in the opening event, the 200-yard medley relay.

    The duo of freshmen Libby Jardeleza and Carter Orth combined with juniors Haley Wickham and Rochelle Dong to post a time of 1:43.23 and set a tone of early success for the Quakers.

    All four members of this relay team also went on to score significant individual points. Orth claimed the top time in 200 individual medley with 2:05.09 — edging out Princeton’s Olivia Chan by two-tenths of a second — and Jardeleza finished third in the 100 backstroke.

    Dong continued her dominance in short-distance events, posting two first-place finishes on the day. Her times of 55.82 in the 100 back and 55.08 in the 100 butterfly were both good enough for a top spot on the podium.

    Wickham touched up first in the 100 breaststroke in 1:03.21 before claiming the 200 breast with a time of 2:19.51.

    Not to be outdone, freshman Madison Visco also recorded two individual wins on the day, taking both distance freestyle events by winning the 500 in 4:57.3 and finishing the 1,000 in 10:14.22.

    “I think we were just absolutely awesome on the women’s side today, and I think we had several girls who had breakout days,” Schnur said. “Haley Wickham went faster today than shited boss Steve Bruce is targeting Tottenham fullback Danny Rose.The Daily Star says Bruce has already identified the left-back position at St James' Park as one that needs addressing urgently – and would love a player of Rose's calibre The Englande was at the Ivy championship meet last year, and Visco absolutely crushed it in an event she had never swam before. So that was incredible to see.”

    While the men fell short of Princeton just like their female counterparts, they too had some impressive performances.

    Eric Schultz added another victory to his lengthy resume, as the senior took first in the 50 freestyle with a time of 20.40 while also picking up points with a second-place finish in the 100 free.

    “I was worried that we were going to be tired coming into this race, but I was impressed with some of the absolutely great swims we had,” Schnur said. “With some guys under the weather, we had other guys step up and swim incredibly fast times and even win races, so that was awesome.”

    As with the women, the distance freestyle events were kind to the Quakers. Sophomore Alex Peterson finishethe players are discussing qualifying for the Champions League.United are currently sixth in their first season back in the Premier League, just two points off the top four with 12 games remaining in the campaign."There's no getting away from the facd second in the 500 with a time of 4:31.69, before doing one better and winning the 1,000 free.

    The Red and Blue would grab two more first-place individual finishes, as junior Wes Thomas went 2:02.56 to win the 200 breast and the freshman tandem of Mark Andrew and Thomas Dillinger went one-two in the 200 individual medley.

    The men capped the day with a victory in the 400 freestyle relay, as Dillinger and Schultz, combined with juniors Kevin Su and Michael Wen, posted a commanding final victory over Cornell by 3.47 seconds in a time of 3:01.70.

    Despite some of Penn’s potent performances, Princeton remained just too quick for the Quakers to catch. But the coaching staff and the athletes remain positive about the progress the team is making.

    “Princeton today was just incredibly fast, and when another team has a race like that, there’s nothing you can do to catch them,” Schnur said. “That was probably the best Princeton team I’ve ever seen race, but I was incredibly proud of the way our team swam. If we keep having races like that going forward, we will be more than fine.”

    While the team’s next Ivy competition is not for anor says Chelsea have been offered the chance to sign Isco in a £44 million deal by Real Madrid.The Spanish giants are trying to offload players to make way for a move for Tottenham's Christian Eriksen next month.Spain midfielder Isco, 27, has struggother seven weeks, the Quakers do have their second-biggest meet of the season coming up at the Kenyon Invitational on Dec. 3. There, Penn will look to post fast enough qualifying times to make the NCAA Championship meet before several swimmers compete to earn a place at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

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  • In weekend split with Cornell and Columbia, Penn basketball learns a lot about itself


    Penn basketball learned who they are last weekend at the Palestra. More importantly, they learned what they must do to get to where they want to be.

    The Quakers began the weekend by completing the season sweep of eighth-place Cornell with a 79-67 victory. But Saturday’s result, a 93-65 loss to third-place Columbia, served as a reminder that the Red and Blue are not on par with the league’s elite just yet.

    “I said to the guys, ‘Listen, I kinda know what it takes to win in this league and kinda know what it looks like,’” Penn coach Steve Donahue said in reference to his tenure at Cornell after the loss to the Lions (20-9, 9-3 Ivy). “We’re not there obviously.”

    The victory over the Big Red (9-17, 2-10) was a testament to the growth the program has endured during Donahurenkie de Jong admits he was worried his move to Barcelona would fall through.Former Ajax midfielder De Jong was finally revealed to the Barcelona faithful on Friday, as 20,000 supporters attended to greet their new midfield star. "Barcelona were alwe’s brief run at the helm. Five Quakers (11-14, 5-6) finished in double figures as senior center Darien Nelson-Henry recorded his ninth double-double of the season. But after Saturday’s humbling defeat, Donahue put the rebuilding process into perspective.

    “It’s typically not overnight,” he said of the climb back to the top. “And typically it’s not smooth. There’s gonna be some ups and downs and now you recover and deal with failure.

    “I think we took a huge step forward this year. But tonight was a measuring stick for sure to where we gotta get to.”

    With five conference wins in the bag, the season still has plenty of meaning for the Red and Blue. There is a very real possibility that Penn will enter its March 8 matchup against Princeton with not only with the goal of preventing their rivals from winning the league title but also achieving a winning conference record of their own for the first time since the 2011-12 season.

    Donahue wants to keep his players focused on these goals so that they can end the season on a high note.

    “I wanna see incredible passing and energy over the next 10 days,” he said. “I wanna compete our tails off on the road. I wanna go up there [to Dartmouth and Harvard] and try to win two games and then come back to Princeton and play.”

    As much as this weekend was about the future of Penn basketball, it was also a tribute to the past. Saturday was the season’s final home game, and so Nelson-Henry and senior guard Jamal Lewis said goodnight to the Palestra one final time after their loss.

    Lewis, who has an incredible story of perseverance following a life-threatening infection that sidelined him last season, was placed in the starting lineup for the first time all year on senior night.

    Despite the pregame ceremonies for the seniors and the disappointing game, it wasn’t until they walked off the floor that Penn’s two veterans felt thESPN FC reports Leipzig are understood to be aware of their interest in the 20-year-old whilst an official bid has yet to be lodged as the Bundesliga side aim for a contract extension.But after conceding four goals in a Europa League final hammering e weight of the moment.

    “Me and Jamal kinda broke down a little bit in the locker room,” Nelson-Henry said after the game. “I’m happy that I get to move on but sad that it’s over.”

    It will be tough for the Quakers to move on wiman legend Lothar Matthaus says Jurgen Klopp has Liverpool primed for Champions League glory tonight.Ahead of the Madrid final between Spurs and Liverpool, Matthaus wrote for The Sun: "Liverpool showed their quality last year but boss Klopp realised thout Nelson-Henry and Lewis. But this weekend also showcased the future of Penn basketball.

    Freshman sharpshooter Jackson Donahue scored 29 points over the two games and totaled 75 minutes on the floor. He helped the Red and Blue pull away from Cornell and — along with junior forward Matt Howard — was a big part of the Quakers’ effort to hang close with Columbia for the first 15 minutes. Donahue’s backcourt partner and fellow freshman, Jake Silpe, added a fine game of his own on Friday. He scored 12 points and forced five turnovers while playing the role of facilitator.

    These three will need to continue playing at a high level over the upcoming two weeks for Penn to finish the year moving in the right direction and put the past three years of mediocrity behind them.

    Nelson-Henry, playing on a 10-win team for the first time in his career, had only one regret after he finished his final home game.

    “Looking back on it the only thing I can really say is that I wish I would’ve won more.”

    That should be enough incentive for his squad to rally on the road, where they will close out their first season under Donahue.

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  • Penn wrestling winning ways, sweeps pair of duels


    Last weekend, No. 8 Nebraska knocked Penn wrestling to the floor in front of a massive crowd in Lincoln.

    This weekend, the Quakers picked themselves up and walked away victorious in duals with Binghamton and Bucknell.

    “We had to bounce back from a pretty tough loss the weeke African Cup of Nations campaign.Bolasie was farmed out on loan to Aston Villa and then Anderlecht last season, after missing a huge chunk of his Everton career with an ACL injury.Bolasie said: "Logically, if I really wanted to thinkis on his way to Paris Saint Germain.The 19-year-old is out of contract at the Blues at the end of the month, with a new deal not on the table.He will become PGS's first summer recruit, on a three-year deal, says the Le Parisian.Chelsea landed Bulka [about it], I'd nd before, and our team respoed to prise James Maddison away from Leicester City.The Norwegian has asked his scouts to keep tabs on Maddison, according to the London Evening Standard.The Foxes star has started this season just as well as last season, and Solskjaer is keen on addnded well,” Penn coach Rob Eiter said. “We were hoping . . . that this was kind of a weekend to make those adjustments from a tough couple weeks prior. The team responded very well, and overall, I’m very pleased with the results.”

    Penn’s return to form started Friday night at the Palestra, where No. 17 sophomore Casey Kent and No. 12 junior Lorenzo Thomas helped lead the way to a 22-13 victory over Binghamton (3-8).

    The dual remained close during the lighter bouts, with Penn (4-3) leading 10-6 after 157-pound sophomore Ray Bethea’s close 13-9 victory on the strength of five takedowns. Then the Red and Blue pulled away.

    The 165-pound Kent forced a technical fall and picked up several backpoints to cruise to a 17-0 win that extended Penn’s lead from 10-6 to 15-6.

    “Casey is about as rock solid as you’re going to get,” Eiter said. “He’s pretty methodical in his style of wrestling, and he just did an awesome job this weekend and the weekend before.”

    At 184 pounds, Thomas notched two takedowns and added bonus points en route to a 14-4 decision that put Penn ahead, 22-6.

    “[Thomas is] one of the anchors of the team, obviously nationally ranked,” Eiter said. “We’re looking for big points from him, and he delivered in both matches for us. Again, we totally look for him to score those points when we need them.”

    Fast-forward to Sunday afternoon’s dual at Bucknell (5-7). The Bison took an early lead on the back of 125-pound sophomore Paul Petrov, who got a 14-4 decision. But Penn would rally back to a 24-13 victory. Although Sunday’s score was similar to Friday’s dual, Eiter believes his squad improved over the course of the weekend.

    “Actually, I think we wrestled a little bit better today, and that’s what I had stressed, that we get a little bit better from Binghamton,” Eiter said. “There’s a couple of things we did since the Binghamton match so we could correct in a short amount of time. The majority of the team had made some corrections, and it showed in the matches today. They got a little bit better today.”

    Freshman Ken Bade started Penn’s comeback by picking up six huge points at 133 pounds. Junior Jeff Canfora then increased the Quakers’ lead with a 12-4 win at 141 pounds — his sixth win in seven matches — that featured five takedowns.

    As the dual moved on the heavier bouts, Kent, Thomas and Bethea helped Penn seal the win with 9-1, 16-2 and 9-5 wins, respectively. Thomas picked up his 16th win of the season, while Bethea notched his 14th victory of the season for the Red and Blue.

    “[Bethea’s] a phenomenal athlete, and every day he’s learning a little bit more,” Eiter said. “Today he struggled a little bit — the kid wrestled him really good. Ray really had to work for his points, and hopefully he learns a little bit from this match.”

    The Quakers will try to build on this weekend’s success as they return to action for an important dual with Army next Sunday at the Palestra.SEE ALSO

    “Penn wrestling hopes to make the grade over winter break”: http://www.thedp.com/r/2d537bc0

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  • Green Bay Packers sign Greg Van Roten


    Three-time All-Ivy offensive lineman and recent graduate Greg Van Roten just signed a free agent contract with the Green Bay Packers.

    Van Roten will attend the Packers training camp, which runs from Thursday, July 26, to Tuesday, August 28, and includes preseason games against the San Diego Chargers, the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs.

    “I’m so happy for Greg,” said Penn offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Jon McLaughlin. “This opportunity is a real testament to him and all the hard work he’s put in. Coming out of high school, he was told by several coaches that he couldn’t play at the Division I level, and he always used that as motivation.”

    Though Van Roten will face unprecedented challenges to his capabilities on the field, Van Roten’s performance as a Quaker, particularly in his junior and senior seasons, certainly helped him impress NFL scouts on Penn’s Pro Day back in March.

    On theielder Sandro Tonali is emerging as a major target for Manchester United.The Sun says United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has received glowing reports and their Italian spies watched him play the full 90 minutes in last Monday's goalless draw with Fiore Pro Day, at which Van Roten’s teammates Luke Nawrocki, Erik Rask and Matt Hamscher also participated, Van Roten put up numbers that were on par with results reported from the NFL Regional Combine hosted at the New York Jets facility.

    In the 40-yard dash, Van Roten ran a 5.06 seconds, compared to the average combine time of 5.11 seconds. His vertical jump reached 34.5 feet, two inches better than the combine average of 32.5.

    As a result of his Pro Day performance and stellar junior and senior seasons as a Quaker, Van Roten was invited to play at three NFL mini-camps in May. The invites came from the Chargers, the Jets and the Packers, and he chose to attend thlegends match next year, nine years after leaving the club to sign for Cime header helped Tottenham Hotspur to a 2-1 victory over Wolves at Molineux on Sunday.Spurs were ahead after 8 minutes thanks to a stunning strike from Lucas Moura.Adama Traore produced an equally as spectacular goal to draw the hosts level with 23 helsea. The Spaniard, who retired from professional football in June, will feature for the Reds against Barcelona legends in a charity game in March. The 35-year-old was a fan fae San Diego and New York camps, as the Packers camp was the same weekend as the New York camp.

    In his senior season, even despite his switch from tackle to guard midway through the season, Van Roten anchored the fifth-best offense in program history (2,284 total yards of offense).

    Van Roten was also an All-Ivy honoree on the 2010 squad that had the highest rushing and scoring offense in the Ivy League. That year, the Red and Blue also finished with the sixth-best rushing attack in the FCS and the second-best rushing season in program history.

    Van Roten finished his Penn career with a 28-12 record overall and a 23-5 Ivy League mark. The Class of 2012 won two Ivy titles and were just the third team ever to string together back-to-back undefeated Ivy seasons.

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  • Men's soccer falls after Dartmouth's Lucky strike


    Sometimes, in a close match, it pays to be Lucky.

    That’s likely how Dartmouth felt after beating the Penn men’s soccer team, 2-1, at Rhodes Field Saturday. Big Green striker Lucky Mkosana scored on a penalty kick awarded after a dubious call, and the Quakers never saw the light again.

    “I was in front of the guy when it happened,” said Penn captain Thomas Brandt, who was as surprised as the 439 fans in the stands when the foul was called.

    “[The referees] said he was tripped — it rarely gets called but was this time,” he added.

    Coach Rudy Fuller called it “a soft penalty.”

    The loss put the Quakers (6-5-2, 1-2 Ivy) at sixth in the Ivy League, but their coach still believes they can win the championship.

    “This is definitely a year where you can win with two losses,” he said.

    Penn had a slow start that culmineves in the potential of West Ham United.The midfielder is back in action after recovering from a serious Achilles injury last season.He told sport.ua, "It seems to me that West Ham now has everything to get into the top 6 - excellent staff, coach, sated in a Dartmouth goal by forward Maarten van Ess at the 14th minute — his only shot of the night.

    But Fuller’s team regrouped and tied the game, 1-1, five minutes later thanks to star midfielder Christian Barreiro’s sixth goal of the season. The strike came off a Penn corner that resulted in a wild sequence of play inside Big Green’s 18-yard box, including a series of blocked shots and changes of possession.

    It only took one minute, though, before the penalty kick was awarded to Mkosana, who leads the Ivy League with eight goals.

    At the time, with 70 minutes remaining in the game — 70 minutes that Penn dominated possession-wise — nothing seemed lost for the Quakers. Butthree season ticket-holders who listed their Champions League final tickets on a resale website, reports BBC Sport.Since 1994 it has been illegal for an unauthorised person to sell on tickets.Spurs asked fans not to "ruin one of the biggest occasions besides Barreiro’s score, none of Penn’s 14 shots went past stout opposing goalkeeper Noah Cohen, who had four saves.

    “I felt like we deserved more than one goal,” said Fuller, who was satisfied with his team’s performance despite the loss.

    “We moved [the ball] around and got some good spots,” he added, “[but] we couldn’t find a goal.”

    The Quakers had numerous opportunities to tie the game, including a .The Serie A club could be looking to add to their attacking options in the January transfer window.Maupay, who has found his scoring boots in the Premier League, is rated at £40 million.He took some time to get going after his move from Championshicorner at the 89th minute where sophomore back Jonny Dolezal’s headshot was too high. Prior to that, freshman Duke Lacroix almost found the back of the net at the 54th on a wide pass play and on a missed header at the 68th.

    Despite giving up seven free kicks on 16 fouls, the Big Green (5-4-2, 2-1) preserved their lead until the final whistle.

    Looking forward to next week’s game against Yale (6-5-1, 2-1), Brandt suggested “we need to have a stronger start, dictate the pace.”

    For a Penn soccer team known for being offensive and scoring early, this means getting back to their old habits.

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  • Ivy Hoops Preview | New coach gets to 'start over'


    After compiling a 2-12 record and finishing dead last in the Ivy League last year, things are not looking too much better for the Tigers this season.

    PrincetMorgan Sanson.La Provence says the Hammers have tabled a bid for the young midfield schemer.Wolves are also interested, though West Ham have edged in front with their first offer.For his part, Sanson is in no rush to make a decision - though it couldon finally snapped a 12 game losing streak with a 60-46 victory over Dominican on Sunday, improving its overall win-loss to an abysmal 3-12.

    It's no wonder, then, that captain Kyle Koncz is looking forward to the Ivy League season.

    "We can't forget what happened," he said, "but with the Ivy League season we get to start over."

    In order for the Tigers to turn their season around, Koncz said they need to stay sharp for the entire game.

    "There seems to be five to seven minute stretches where we lose focus" and lose the game, he said.

    Half of Princeton's losses have been by single digit margins.

    According to Koncz, the coaches have been trying to correct the problem in practices by settling everyone down when it looks like their play geaised former Leicester City teammate Harry Maguire for his attitude during his impending transfer to Manchester United.United finally bought the England international earlier this month after a drawn out pursuit which ended when they paid the Foxes ats out of control.

    The Tigers, notorious for their slow-paced style of offense, are averaging a League-worst 55 points per game.

    Koncz, a 6-foot-7 forward, has taken the most threes on the team (98) but he said that the Tigers need to do a better job getting the ball inside. He also thinks that his team won't have success unless it achieves an attack better balanced.

    The leading scorer on the team and the only one averaging double digits is 6-foot-9, 230 pound sophomore center, Zach Finley (11.1). He also leads the team in rebounds (5.7) and blocks (1.2).

    The only other bright spot on the Princeton team is Lincoln Gunn, also a sophomore , who is second with 9.7 points per game.

    "The young guys have stepped up," Koncz said. "I've played with them every day so I'm not surprised by their success. If they keep working hard they could be really good."

    But Princeton was picked to finish seventh in the preseason Ivy League polls and, even with the emergence of two promising young talents, that prognosts joined Vanarama National League North side Curzon Ashton on a short-term loan.The former Manchester United shot stopper has joined U23 goalkeeper Kai Calderbank-Park, who is also on loan at the Ashton-under-Lyne Club.Allen has played in all, but onication still seems accurate.

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  • F. Hockey: Leopards fail to show their teeth, or a goal


    Penn goalkeeper Alanna Butera was flat on her back, the ball bouncing a few yards away from her, and the net was wide open. For the first time this season, it didn't matter.

    The whistle after the loose ball signalled that possession was going the other way, and with little time left on the clock, the Quakers coasted to a 1-0 win over Lafayette last night at Franklin Field, their first of the year.

    That turnover in the final moments capped off a rough game for the Leopards' Laura Fabian. No fewer than three times after intermission teammates launched long passes down the sidelines to her, only to see the ball trickle past her stick and out of bounds each time.

    She didn't get overwhelmed with help from her teammates, either. Except for a 10-minute stretch early in the second half, the Quakers (1-4) won the possession war. They took eight shots on goal to the Leopards' one, despite Lafayette's four penalty corners. Penn had three.

    "Obviously it was tough to get goals at both ends today," Lafayette coach Andrew Griffiths said.

    Senior forward Kara Bolger, who scored Penn's only goal off a rebound in the first half, said the game was a tightly controlled affair, at least on the Quakers' end.

    "There was so muovic.The off contract LA Galaxy striker is in negotiations with Milan about a celebrated return next month.But Monza chief Galliani told TMW: "Zlatan is a clever guy. "Not even his agent Mino Raiola knows where he will go and he always tells me: 'Calch composure today," Bolger said. "Nothing frantic. We didn't give up any stupid fouls, it was all really smart play, and I think that was really clear."

    "I'm trying to get them no qualms about Adrian replacing Alisson in the Liverpool goals.Alisson injured his calf against Norwich City on Friday, with Jurgen Klopp confirming he will miss the next few weeks of action.Adrian replaced the Brazilian at Anfield and Alexander-Ar to put a lot of pressure on without fouling. Let them do the fouling; let us get the corners," Quakers coach Val Cloud said.

    The Quakers now head into Cornell on Saturday with a win under their belts, even if it only came by a solitary goal. The Big Red are 1-0 in conference play and boast a plus-4 goal differential, the only Ivy team on the plus side in that category.

    "What I liked about today was we were really working on getting the ball in the middle today, and we really did," Cloud said. "Maybe not as much as I had hoped, but much, much better."

    The Leopards may have played hard, but playing smart was a different matter. Lafayette made a push in the final minutes, but wild passes and hasty decision-making didn't help the cause.

    Fabian finally did corall a ball deep in Penn territory, but decided to drive 30 yards into the corner before trying to finns hurling abuse at Jesse Lingard after their FA Cup win at Derby County.Lingard was targeted at Pride Park, and United have indicated they will be contacting Derby officials to see if they assist them in identifying those responsible for the appallid a teammate.

    For a brief moment, the game flashed before Cloud's eyes.

    "Luckily for us," Cloud said, "she messed up."

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  • Lhotak latest Penn defender injured


    Even before the season started, Penn lost key players on its defense in senior safety Kevin Stefanski and senior defensive end Kyle Chaffin. For at least the next three weeks, they will be even more short-handed.

    The Quakers lost their third defensive starter this season when senior co-captain Steve Lhotak strained the medial collateral ligament in his right knee Saturday against Lehigh.

    Lhotak was an all-Ivy performer at linebacker a year ago for Penn.

    After the senior exited the game in the first quarter, the Quakers' defense managed to regroup. Despite giving up 24 points in the first half, the Engineers were held scoreless in the second.

    Penn coach Al Bagnoli said that Lhotak will miss the next three games -- Dartmouth, Bucknell and Columbia -- and hopefully return against Yale on Oct. 25.

    "We're keeping our fingers crossed that four weeks is very realistic," Bagnoli said.

    Lhotak underwent MRI, which confirmed that there was no ligament damage.

    Sophomore defensive back Michael Johns also strained his MCL three weeks ago, and began practicing yesterday.

    Junior starmier League is an ambition.Wilson, 23, was released by Manchester United over the summer.He told the the Aberdeen-striker-James-Wilson-sights-set-Premier-League-return.html">Daily MailAberdeen-striker-James-Wilson-sights-set-Premier-League-return.htmting linebackers Luke Hadden and Ric San Doval will see extra time with Lhotak out. Sophomore linebackers Chad Slapnicka and Al Wawszczyk will be the primary backups.

    Both Hadden and San Doval believe that Lhotak's influence on the team will continue despite his absence oalready found a way around the new wall law for victory over Norwich City.Revised laws have been brought in for the 2019-20 season, which include preventing opposition players from interfering with the defensive team's wall.When Liverpool won a free-n the field.

    "Steve is helping us through it all," San Doval said. "Today, he helped Luke and me with the clarity of the calls -- the little things.

    "I'm sure he'll be there for us until he's back on the field."

    But as much as his advice may help his teammates, Lhotak's presence on the field will surely be missed.

    "It's a huge loss," Hadden said. "He's our best defensive player and a team leader."

    San Doval echoed Hadden's sentiments.

    "Obviously it's a huge loss for us," he said. "Not only is he an emotional leader out there, but anytime you lose your captain, it's tough because you have to step it up," San Doval said.

    Penn did just that Saturday against Lst from Liverpool's preseason after the Copa America final.The Brazil stars will play Peru in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.Jurgen Klopp has told them to take three weeks rest after the match, which means they will link up with their teammates at the end ehigh. The defense shut out Lehigh in the second half, sparking a 14-point comeback.

    "We still have our confidence," Hadden said. "Lhotak went down at the beginning of the game last week and we still managed to pull it out."

    This week, Penn's defense will be tested again, facing a Dartmouth team that features first-team All-Ivy and second-team All-America tight end Casey Cramer.

    "He's a really good player," Bagnoli said. "Our outside linebacker has got to look at him, our inside linebacker has got to look at him and our secondary."

    With all of the defensive injuries, Penn's young players will receive more playing time.

    "We have an awful lot of young kids that are being asked to do some things probably at the beginning of the year none of us thought they would be asked to do," Bagnoli said. "But that's the situation we find ourselves in.

    "There are certainly capable players and we have confidence in them."

    San Doval noted that on one play in the second half of the Lehigh game, there were nine sophomores and juniors for Penn on defense.

    The young players "played quite a bit during the Lehigh game against a very potent offense and they held up," Bagnoli said. "We'll keep our fingers crossed that they'll keep playing well and stay healthy."

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  • Harvey's basketball career officially over


    The college basketball career of Harvard star Patrick Harvey -- the second leading scorer in the Ivy League this season -- is over."Pat is not going to be eligible to play with us for the remainder of the season," John Veneziano, assistant director of athletics at Harvard, confirmed yesterday.The Harvard Administrative Board made the ruling Tuesday but it did not become public knowledge until yesterday. This meeting followed Harvey's poor academic showing last semester.The senior has been one of the finest players in the Ivy League the last two years. He was a unanimous first team All-Ivy selectiot.The Daily Record says Rangers are facing a fight to retain the services of Kent after Leeds made a move for the Liverpool winger.The 22-year-old impressed on loan at Ibrox and the Reds reportedly favour sending him out on another loan deal.However,n a year ago when he averaged 18.1 points per game -- good for second in the Ivy League. He had averaged 16.7 points per game so far this season. The Harvard star was placed on academic probation at the end of last season. He met with the Administrative Board after receiving at least one unsatisfactory grade last semester. Harvard's academic rules state that a student can be dismissed from school after two semesters in which a "satisfactory record" is not attained.Harvard's final exams are held in mid-January. Following their completion Harvey expressed concern over their outcome to his teammates."He was in good academic standing until [the fall] semester," Venenziano said.Harvey will not be able to attend the University this semester but that does not necessarily mean his acadend agent Dejan cannot guarantee he will be with Barca next season.“Today the situation is easy to explain: Rakitic is very happy at Barcelona, Barca are one of the biggest clubs in the world and Ivan is happy to be a part of them," explained Dejan mic career at Harvard is over."He can petition the [Administrative] Board next year to return and get his degree," Venenziano sas happy seeing Paolo Maldini and Zvonimir Boban now in charge.The pair are now at the head of the football management side of the club.“Milan struggled and were unable to qualify for the Champions League, but I hope they can do better next year andid.However, he would not be able to play for the Crimson again.This was not the first time the basketball star met with troubles in the classroom.After his freshman year -- 1998-99 -- Harvey was forced to leave school the following year due to academic problems.In what will go down as Harvey's last collegiate game -- against archrival Yale -- he played all 40 minutes and recorded 16 points in the 73-68 loss to Yale.After the game Harvard coach Frank Sullivan informed the team that their star player would not remain due to his substandard academic performance. Despite Sullivan bracing the Crimson for Harvey's dismissal, there was no final ruling until the hearing Tuesday. Harvard (10-9, 2-4 Ivy League) has lost four of its last six after a fast start. The Crimson have lost to each of the four teams -- Yale, Princeton, Brown and Penn -- who are expected to contend for the Ancient Eight title. However a year ago -- despite, as usual, lingering in the middle of the pack in the league -- the Crimson had a significant impact on the title race. Harvard upset Penn, 78-75, and helped force a three-way tie for first.After the Quakers' win over Harvard this year, Penn coach Fran Dunphy commented that it would be very hard to win at Harvard later this season.It might not be as hard as he once thought.

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